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Are you an HIV blogger with writer's block? We can help.

Thursday, 12 May 2016 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Social Media, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy

Bob Leahy with 20 writing ideas borrowed from the recent HealtheVoices social media conference in Chicago

Are you an HIV blogger with writer's block? We can help.

Are you stuck? 

It strikes me that many people who have a passion for writing about HIV nevertheless sometimes run out of ideas. It’s called writer’s block and it affects most of us who blog.

Luckily, I’m mostly immune to it. I blogged daily in another life. But for those for whom blogging isn’t ingrained, it isn’t so easy and thus as an editor, I’m often asked for writing ideas. 

At a recent conference in Chicago that I wrote about here  one session included distribution of a list of 20 Instant Story Ideas from Amy O’Connor of Everyday Health  I’ve adapted and added to these with an HIV lens and recommend them to anyone stuck for what to write about, or looking for inspiration. 

1. Interview/profile an expert or another person living with HIV with an interesting story 

2. Findings from the latest conference or when HIV has been in the news – and what you think. 

3. How HIV is addressed in or by social media 

4. Food, diet, nutrition and recipes – particularly if they have an HIV slant 

5. Fitness, healthy living and HIV 

6. What people don’t know about living with HIV 

7. Myths vs facts about HIV and living with HIV 

8. Dealing with stress and emotional or mental health issues 

9. How others can help you live better with HIV 

10. HIV in the workplace. 

11.Travel challenges and HIV 

12. Parenting and family issues 

13.The surprising upsides of living with HIV 

14.How to choose a doctor 

15.What doctors don’t tell you about youir condition 

16. Dating with HIV 

17 Disclosure – when I do it, when I don’t and why. 

18. What I would do if there was a cure? 

19. What I do to forget about HIV 

20. What my pets mean to me in the context of HIV.

Any help?