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Spotlight on Criminalization Part One

Friday, 09 December 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Activism, Legal, Living with HIV, Bob Leahy

Two takes: HIV is Not a Crime - a Film by Sean Strub, and audio from Waterstone’s Gower Street AIDS Week Panel Discussion “Intimacy and Responsibility: The Criminalization of HIV Transmission”

Spotlight on Criminalization Part One

In his blog on POZ  Sean Strub introduces his film (see below) thus: "here is a brief trailer from the documentary I am making about HIV criminalization. Long road ahead--and lots of funding needed--but this is a good start and helps people interested understand the critical issues at stake".

Strub has said of the film “I felt it important that the voices of those who have gone through such prosecutions be heard, It is one of the most extreme manifestations of stigma,” he continues, “when it is enshrined in the law, and is significantly driving the epidemic by discouraging people at risk from getting tested, disclosing or accessing treatment.”

Sean Strub is senior advisor to the Positive Justice Project combating HIV criminalization, board member, GNP+/North America and POZ Magazine's founder and advisory editor.



Meanwhile from London, England comes an audio of a panel discussion ”Intimacy and Responsibility: The Criminalization of HIV Transmission” with Professor Matthew Weait, Dr Catherine Dodds & Dr Adam Bourne. It took place November 30, 2011 nad was introduced by Kathryn Dombrowicz, Director of RiverHouse Trust.

This event was one of several organized by the enterprising Andrew Jukes, an employee of  the UK book retailer Waterstone’s important Gower Street store.  Andrew was profiled by London-based Denis Robinson here  in connection with Andrew’s  program of World AIDS Week events that he had persuaded the retailer to feature in that location

The link to the recording of that panel discussion is here.