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Money and Your Health

published: May, 27, 2011 Categories // Finances, Health

Something we seldom discuss:Devan Nambiar introducess Financial Advisor Mark Sampson, who talks about the connection between heath and personal finances, and how you can work on improving both.

When we talk of health in the HIV community, seldom do we think of financial health. What is our financial health? Are we living day to day on credit? Is the bank account often in the red zone? I have presented at many HIV workshops on food security and I hear over and over again of people living with HIV struggling to get by on their fixed income and/or long term disability income. While AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) have limited financial resources to assist, many HIVers end up fending f

Catching up with an old friend

Viral Load Warrior recalls the man he once was and compares him to the man he is now

An old friend of mine from 10 years ago found me online this week. We used to go to clubs and pubs together and have a great time. I’m happy to have hooked up with her again, but a few of the things she said to me have made me realise how much I have changed since then. The part of her initial email that made me think was: “So.......any romances to tell me of? Or adventures? Has to be! I've missed your stories.” The stories she is alluding to are stories of another me altogether. Stories


Rob Newman on friends: “I truly don’t mean to be maudlin but for a person living with HIV diagnosed over 20 years ago to be planning and looking forward to a milestone birthday party is still hard for me to believe.”

Every Wednesday I gather with a few close friends and have a drink or two and watch our favourite TV show; Modern Family. This tradition started a while back with our other Favourite TV show; Big Brother…but I digress. The reason for the mention of my weekly “Boiz Nite” is really to underline the importance and good fortune that come with friends. This past Monday we got together for burgers and to light off fireworks for Victoria Day. The burgers were great; the company sublime, the fir

Whats in it for MSM? ART as a way of reducing HIV transmission.

published: May, 24, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

.Last week's news about new research showing a 96% reductiion in HIV transmission in sero-discordant straight couples was BIG. But where does this leave MSM?

Whats in it for MSM? ART as a way of reducing HIV transmission.

At 11am last Thursday results of a large scale clinical trial were released from Washington DC which crackled like wildfire through the internet.   Twitter lit up. PositiveLite went to press just minutes later carrying the news that good evidence had finally been produced that ART reduced transmission rates in mixed status heterosexual couples by 96%. This essentially backed the findings of the Swiss Study which, for reasons way too complicated to recite here had been discounted

Missed opportunities for HIV diagnosis

published: May, 23, 2011 Categories // Health

Viral Load Warrior went to doctors with fever, weight loss and night sweats. But they didn’t suggest an HIV test . . .

In the months leading up to my diagnosis, I experienced a variety of symptoms. I would wake drenched in sweat, shaking and shivering during the night. I developed a dry cough that did not disappear despite drinking copious amounts of medicine. I felt dizzier with each passing day, and during the month before I was diagnosed, experienced difficulty breathing, and sheer exhaustion. There were many times I had to leave work early, because by noon, I’d literally be crashed out on my desk. My ski

Share and Share Alike: Numbers and Neuropathy

published: May, 20, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Health, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy returns from his latest doctors visit in a sharing mood - and Sean Strub of POZ comments.

Share and Share Alike: Numbers and Neuropathy

When I was a poz newbie back in the 90’s, I remember being much impressed by the launching of POZ magazine. A glossy news magazine for HIVers? It seemed very radical. That was in 1994 and of course it’s being going strong ever since. One of the features of those early editions which fascinated me was its founder Sean Strub publishing his latest lab results in each issue*. The numbers which he was sharing were not good, I remember, and reflected the kind of downward spiral that many of

Fighting The Good Fight in the Nation’s Capital

published: May, 20, 2011 Categories // Activism, Community Events, Fundraisers, Events

Our man in Ottawa Michael Burtch reports in on a busy program of advocacy, activism and fundraising events

With BASHFUL over, my friends and co-workers turned their attention to attending the hearing of Stephen Harper's appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to end InSite's life-saving work as North America's only supervised injection site. In the afternoon, they would take to Parliament Hill as part of a pro-choice presence during the ‘March For Life‘. Ottawa’s closeted gay Mayor Jim Watson had controversially declared it ‘Respect For Life Day’, and a women’s right to choose a “slippe

Furry Friends Friday – The Tribute to Bagheera Edition

Danny Miller’s dearest friend has crossed the rainbow bridge. In this beautiful and moving account, Danny tells us what Bagheera meant to him.

Throughout the course of our lives each of us has many friends come and go. Some of them are just social friends. Some of them, though, drift into our lives and make a very profound impact on us, change us for the better and then just seem to drift right back out. Some friends become life-long confidants whom we know that no matter what time it is, or what kind of trouble we have gotten ourselves into, they will be there to help pick us up. Friends come in so many different varieties, from peo

Sorting my friends from my acquaintances for the sake of trust and support

published: May, 19, 2011 Categories // Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow ventured in to the chat rooms and found out first hand what stigma really feels like.

Sorting my friends from my acquaintances for the sake of trust and support

Over the past few years I have lost part of the support team that I had in place or thought I had. And its’ all because of what happened in the internet chat-rooms. In my days of looking for love in all the wrong places, chat-rooms seemed to be a good place for me to find friends and possibly meet someone to date. It all came to an abrupt halt last year when I had my HIV status plastered all over the chat-room because of a difference of opinion with some individuals who were supposed to be m

Circling the Cyclone

Don Short says: “somewhere in the cyclone, it may feel like life is spinning out of control. Storms pass and with every one, I’m still standing.”

It’s a whirlwind to stop and look at what goes on in the current spin of the HIV/AIDS movement. The cyclone can include the following: new options in treatment, expanded demographics, epidemiology number crunching, vaccine development, funding silos, funding cuts, advocacy campaigns, quick turnover in ASO staff, politically correct frameworks, etc. Somewhere in the core of the tornado are those living with HIV/AIDS. We do what we do to be informed, access services and keep up with the shifti

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