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Pets and vets

Monday, 20 October 2014 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Pets, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Bob Leahy

Bob Leahy on what happens when animals discover they are at the vet's office

Pets and vets

It’s apparent that pets are important to many people living with HIV.  It’s also apparent that pets do people living with HIV a world of good, which fact we’ve covered extensively in the past, but that’s another story. 

So what happens when your pet gets sick, or even needs a routine examination, or shots perhaps, and a visit to the vets office is called for. Does pet panic set in?

Sometimes that visit’s a piece of cake. Sometimes it’s not. This post is mostly about when it’s not.

My own dogs are pretty good about it. They put on a resigned air, it’s true, and ears and tail are definitely in the down position on entering the premises, but they perk up at the prospect of a treat and/or a good sniff at the butt of some other visiting canine they may encounter.  That’s not to say that Ruby, our newest basset hound,  seen above on her first visit to the vet earlier this year, is keen  to enter (or more correctly get dragged into)  the premises ever since her first experience with the business end of a rectal thermometer went bad. The time after this she slipped her collar trying to back away from the vet's front door, and make a beeline back to the car in which she had come.

So there are those times when things go not so well. The pictures which follow are courtesy of one of those memes which I usually delete but which immediately struck me as a perfect antidote to the Monday blahs for anyone with a pet. Besides, we are always looking for opportunities to put the “lite” in and these images ably fit the bill, no?

So readers who are also pet owners, can you relate to any of these?