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Polari, a secret gay language born of homophobia

published: October, 12, 2011 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // John McCullagh

John reminisces about the secret language of his youth that enabled gay men to recognize one another and that provided a vocabulary for gay life, sex and sexuality without running the risk of arrest or reprisal.

Polari, a secret gay language born of homophobia

I’ve been thinking recently about how different it is for people to come out of the closet these days compared to my own experience in the early 1960s. This quintessential rite of passage is never easy, of course, but young people today do have access to information about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans - from movies and television, from books and the internet - and many will, perhaps, already have friends or peers who self-identify as queer. It was different for me. When I came out, g

Back to School

published: October, 11, 2011 Categories // Revolving Door

In this guest post, Editor Brad Crelia revisits his old school, remembers starting a gay-straight alliance there and checks in on how that group looks today.

Back to School

Originally posted by Brad Crelia on on September 22, 2011. Brad Crelia is the Editor/Publisher of Check out their site here. Back in 2000 I started a GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance] called Spectrum at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, WA; it wasn’t easy. There was a divide between the Principal and Mr. Roberts, the school’s drama teacher, Dr. Dupper, my school counsellor and myself. The three of us against him. GSAs were still fairly new and Spokane was and stil

Don't bother locking up your daughters, just lock up black men with HIV

published: August, 05, 2011 Categories // Guest Authors

Edwin Bernard, a UK expert on international criminalization issues, weighs in on the latest development in the Canadian criminalization saga, “dangerous offender" status.

Don't bother locking up your daughters, just lock up black men with HIV

This article By Edwin Bernard first appeared in the online version of POZ, here. Go to that page for a selectioin of the comments received. Edwin Bernard is a writer, editor and advocate specialising in HIV criminalization. He also writes and edits a widely read blog that reports and comments on laws, prosecutions and media reporting of criminal HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission cases from around the world, and which encourages and highlights advocacy against su

Sexuality and Satan: The Devil IS in the Details

published: July, 21, 2011 Categories // Spirituality, Opinion Pieces, Sex and Sexuality

Steve Lincoln on Michele Bachmann and the demonic perspective

This may sound presumptuous, but despite the fact that I was raised in small-town Ontario, I didn’t have much of a religious background. And, while I grew up with a reasonably good understanding of right and wrong, I must admit that my perceptions of that which we call evil or the devil were, for want of a better term, somewhat skewed. This by no means meant that being gay was perfectly acceptable; however, the specter of Satan simply wasn’t part of my own experience. Allow me to elaborat

Another case of homophobic cyber-bullying... on a massive scale

Viral Load Warrior and the case of twelve-year old Ronan Parke On Britains Got Talent,

The cyber-bullies have been out in force again over the past couple of weeks.   This time, the target has been 12 year old Ronan Parke, a contestant on the UK reality TV show Britain’s Got Talent. So, what did he do to bring attention to himself? Well, he ‘looks and acts gay’. The extent of interest in Ronan’s sexuality has led to google auto-suggesting that he is indeed ‘gay’. In addition, a google search reveals queries not only in relation to his sexuality, but also hi

International Day Against Homophobia: A Personal Story

published: May, 17, 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Events, Brian Finch

People think I'm this pillar of self-esteem, I've got news for you!

International Day Against Homophobia: A Personal Story

It’s that time of year again, May 17. As the campaigns role out for their final day, I thought I’d share a few personal thoughts. My personal journey has not been about changing others attitudes (except when I do HIV work), but rather about changing the ones that have been etched into me since my childhood. The Jesuit maxim remains true: give me the child 'til the age of seven, and I will show you the man. If the time to mould a child in to the adult you want for a life time – personally

Agokwe - a tale of two-spirited romance on the rez

published: May, 08, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Buddies in Bad Times latest offering gets four thumbs up from Bob Leahy

Agokwe - a tale of two-spirited romance on the rez

Why four?  Because myself and my partner both loved it. First you need to know this show has a stellar past. Winner of six Dora (Toronto Theatre) awards when it first appeared at Buddies in their 2008-9 season, it has since toured to great acclaim, including a stop off at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, before returning in triumph this month to Buddies, where it all began. And it began as a product of Buddies Queer Youth Program, following an open-mike performance by its then unh

Nothing gay about Tennessee Schools

published: April, 28, 2011 Categories // Opinion Pieces

Danny Miler doesn’t like what he sees happening in southern schools, where discussion of homosexuality is outlawed.

So here in the United States of America, the southern states, (those below the Mason Dixon line) are known throughout history as being very intolerant of minorities. Thosestates are also notorious for being anti-gay, and now one state in particular, Tennessee, has taken this to a whole new level of ridiculous-ness! Earlier this year the Tennessee state senate introduced the “Don't Say Gay” bill, which would, make it unlawful to say the words “gay” and “homosexuality”, or even

Billy Elliott in Toronto - The Musical

published: April, 21, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Because it’s been playing in Toronto for several months, a “straight “review would be all but redundant. So Bob Leahy does a gay review instead.

Billy Elliott in Toronto - The Musical

Sorry, it has taken so long to review this one. Normally, I’m very prompt; reviews I post here are often published the day after opening night. But these particular tickets were a Christmas present, bought not for opening night, but for when better seats were available. As in this past Tuesday. Before sizing up its gay content, let me review the show first in more general terms. Let me say right up front that I was not quite as gaga about it as some reviewers, famously the Dai

Daffyd, so gay it hurts – or is he?

published: April, 17, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Guest Authors

Little Britain’s Daffyd “the only gay in the village” is sorely missed

I imagine there are some people who don’t know who Daffyd Thomas is, so here’s a little background. Daffyd was a recurring character in Little Britain, the hit UK comedy show, which had a considerable following in Canada, and I assume the USA. He was played quite brilliantly by the (also gay) Matt Lucas.  Daffyd is described by Wikipedia  thus “Daffyd, who lives in the Welsh mining village of Llanddewi Brefi, is a self-proclaimed gay man who dresses in a vast variety of tight P

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