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Wear a fucking condom!!!!

Monday, 18 November 2013 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Gay Men, Performances, Sexual Health, Health, Population Specific , Revolving Door, Guest Authors

Here’s a winning YouTube video from a likeable young Vlogger who cites rising HIV rates in making the case for condom use in gay men

Wear a fucking condom!!!!

Going viral (?)

Says the Huffington Post “When vlogger J. Merridew learned that HIV rates are on the rise among gay men, he felt compelled to address to issue using his YouTube account. "I had no clue that HIV/AIDS has been on the rise in the gay community for the past few years," he states in the video's description. "I thought it was decreasing over time. This is our community! Let's get our act together!"”

In a climate where condom use is on the decline and where the views of barebackers are as prominent, if not more so, than condom advocates, it’s good to get this kind of balance.

About J. Merridrew: “My name is Jack. You probably recognize me from your wet dreams. :)

I like to make people laugh, but I also like to make people think. I want you to be confident. I'm an author and I sometimes like to stand in front of a camera and pretend to know what I'm doing-- hence the model shots you see on my Tumblr and Facebook page.

If you want to laugh (while embracing who you are), then explore my trashy Youtube channel. If you don't find me funny, well.... at least I tried.

But I'm not all about cheap humor and corny jokes. Get to know me more by checking out my E-book on Amazon & the Nook store. Maybe you'll be surprised. :)”