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Sexy underwear and condoms

published: February, 21, 2013 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Social Media, Gay Men, Health, Sexual Health, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Media, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

The Andrew Christian boys are at it again - but cleaner. The infamous homoerotic underwear ads now include one promoting safer sex.

Sexy underwear and condoms

Editor’s note. We’ve featured Andrew Christian underwear ads before  more than once because we like their unabashed embracing of homoerotic themes, often with roots in the adult gay movie genre. And of course they are fun (and great content for us when news is otherwise thin). Today we can say that at least one has messaging centered on safer sex and condom use.  While the lads here (see below) have an innocence which seems  lost in the age of steadily reducing condom use, undetectabl

Gwen Stefani wants to appropriate your culture

published: November, 16, 2012 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Current Affairs, Music, Opinion Pieces

Megan DePutter asks “Honestly, whose idea was it to make that stupid No Doubt video?"

Gwen Stefani wants to appropriate your culture

The No Doubt video (no longer available from You Tube, thanks to online uproar) was a spectacle of racist appropriation of Native culture, featuring fetishized, stereotypical, and tokenized elements of Native American culture in some kind of sick cowboy & Indians fantasy display.  It went as far as dressing up Gwen Stefani in an “Indian princess” costume, to act out a (supposedly) sexy, tied-up, helpless Pocahontas-type figure – which is ironic given that the story of Pocahontas is

The Smoking Project with Sean Rourke

published: November, 12, 2012 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // OHTN OHTN/, Features and Interviews, Health, Smoking Cessation , Living with HIV, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Today marks the unveiling of an important collaboration between ourselves and the OHTN designed to bridge research and action, to improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV who smoke. Here Bob Leahy interviews OHTN head Sean Rourke.

The Smoking Project with Sean Rourke

Many people will know Dr. Sean Rourke, Scientific and Executive Director of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN). He’s approachable, eloquent and clearly highly committed. You’ll get a sense of all that in the video which follows where he talks about The Smoking Project. I don’t want to paraphrase what he says, but one of the frustrations of anyone involved in the research field must be the historic difficulty of turning research in to practice. “I think the OHTN’s role is to p

People are Silly . .

published: November, 02, 2012 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Events, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

. . . says Bob Leahy. Especially when it’s Halloween, raining and cold and you’re celebrating at Halloween central aka Toronto’s gay village at Church and Wellesley. Not that silly is bad, In fact, Bob argues, silly is very, very good.

People are Silly   . .

Hurricane Sandy didn’t take a big bite out of Toronto and environs this week, but it did dump a lot of rain.  Which lingered – and lingered – and lingered.  Lingered right over Halloween in fact.  How dare it! Gay Christmas (OK, that's Pride, but you get the point), not ruined but dampened mightily. But who cares if the makeup was running a bit. So the umbrellas were out on Church Street this past Wednesday, but so were the boys and girls, unfazed and dressed  to the nines. I someh

Segregation or integration? It’s nature versus nurture all over again

published: October, 02, 2012 Categories // Current Affairs, Youth, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

Dave R writes...the recent scheme to provide queer-centric education in Toronto is a bold but controversial project but it creates several dilemmas.

Segregation or integration? It’s nature versus nurture all over again

“...Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to my nation, Ball of confusion, Oh yeah, that's what the world is today...” The Temptations: Ball of Confusion 1970 You may have caught the recent CBC news clip, or read about it in Xtra where Fan Wu, a University of Toronto student who graduated from Douglas Collegiate in 2010, put forward the idea of a queer-centric school for Toronto. The idea being that you would be able to provide a sa

Jimbeau Hinson

published: September, 29, 2012 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Music, Revolving Door, Living with HIV, Guest Authors

HIV-positive country and western singer–songwriter Hinson was living a secret life. He’d already come out as bisexual – the first in Nashville to do so. But that was only the start.

Jimbeau Hinson

Poz magazine reported recently  "Nashville is all loving and supportive, on its face," says Charles "Hoss" Burns, once a high-profile country-music deejay on WSIX in Nashville (see "Good Morning, Nashville"). "But when it comes right down to it, being HIV positive can easily screw up your career and your life here. It's still not something that's easy to say in this town?” Here’s what his website says about him. “In 1996, Jimbeau Hinson was seeing the financial rewards of “Party Cro

The return of Furry Friends Friday

published: September, 28, 2012 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Pets, Television, Lifestyle, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Olate Dogs win over national audience – and me, says Bob Leahy.

The return of Furry Friends Friday

If you’ve been with us since the VERY early days of (anyone have bragging rights to that much stamina/tolerance/patience?) you may remember we had a regular feature called Furry Friends Friday This reflected that a) we  - or at least your editor – like(s) dogs.  b) by the end of the week we had absolutely nothing to say, so we turned to posting cute animal pics. Some things never change. But seriously,  I’d hate to see our long standing tradition of regularly hon

Eye Candy

published: September, 16, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Music, Population Specific , Bob Leahy - Publisher

Because we take the Lite in seriously. And it’s the weekend. Two good reason to feature a virtually unknown – at least in these parts – singer, Wil Sabin.

Eye Candy

We don’t know much about Will Sabin. Variously described as a gay singer/dancer or "Choreographer/Dancer/DJ/Recording Artist". Born January 17, 1984, Australian. “Australia’s newest gay pop star” Homorazzi USA.  (And poke around YouTube and you find he’s uber-gay alright.) Here’s what the promo machine says about him. Alternatively just skip all this and get to the video below Wil’s debut music video ‘Wear Me Out’ went viral- gaining close to 30 thousand views in the fir

Yen Uyir Shakthi - My life is Shakti.

published: September, 11, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Movies, International , Population Specific

Devan Nambiar with a Tamil short film on same sex marriage. A love story!

I love this beautiful short video (5 mins).  Very simple and straight from the heart, powerful! The docu-video is about same sex marriage from Chennai, India.  It embraces the cultural nuances of love, commitment, family and acceptance.  It is in Tamil and here is the translation. I will not inform the reader as to the ending as it is an awesome surprise.   Here we go..... Yen Uyir Shakti means – My life is Shakti.  Shakti can be a gender neutral name. Most often Shakti is referred a

Downtown Eastside

published: August, 19, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // As Prevention , Current Affairs, Health, Treatment, Revolving Door, Guest Authors

A video report. The epi-centre of HIV in Vancouver, B.C is also a centre for innovation in diagnosis, treatment and provision of a range of other social services.

Downtown Eastside editor Bob Leahy says:  HIV work, it seems to me, is difficult without really knowing the neighbourhoods you serve, their social mores, their challenges, their success stories.  Same goes for our ability to discuss the work of others; it really helps to know and understand the environment. We in Eastern Canada often speak of Vancouver’s downtown Eastside without really knowing it well.  Here’s a piece which will help change that just a little. From the Treatment as Pr

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