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Lets’ talk motherhood, HIV and Community-based research (CBR)

Monday, 18 January 2016 Written by // Ontario HIV Treatment Network - Research Categories // OHTN OHTN/, Women, Research, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Ontario HIV Treatment Network

What’s Hot with Peer Research Associates? Find out in this January 27 OHTN online talk show, details below

Lets’ talk motherhood, HIV and Community-based research (CBR)

What’s Hot with Peer Research Associates? 

11th Edition: A special focus on mothers, hosted by James Watson & Gladys Kwaramba 

Revised Date: Wednesday, January 27th @ 2pm EST

This edition of "What's Hot" will focus on the experience of peer research associates (PRAs) who are moms. How is the perspective of mothers included in community-based research? PRA moms face additional challenges, layers of judgement, gossip and surveillance? So what supports are needed? What are appropriate levels compensation? Perhaps the experience of having children gives women a particular advantage in this work. If so, how is this best harnessed in a CBR project? We will hear great stories about teams and projects integrating PRA moms into their work.

Lets’ talk motherhood, HIV and CBR. Our exciting guests and guest host will offer unique perspectives on women PRAs who are mothers.

"What's Hot with Peer Research Associates (PRAs)?" is an online talk show about community-based research that has people living with HIV as the main protagonists.

The show will be held online using Instant Presenter. To ensure you’re able to participate, test your system’s compatibility. We encourage you to be an active participant, and you can learn how by watching this short video tutorial.

To sign up, click the "Register Now" button here.

Warm regards,

James Watson

Coordinator, Community-Based Research & Peer Training, Ontario HIV Treatment Network