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D.C Comics: The Dan Jurgens Interview

published: October, 14, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Features and Interviews

D.C. Comic’s Dan Jurgens talks politics, ethnic and gender diversity, secret identities, and why, if he had too, he’d marry Tora Olafsdotter aka Ice in our exclusive interview with the Justice League International writer!

Comic book writer, artist, and creator Dan Jurgens may be most famous for having killed Superman back in 1992, for which he won the National Cartoonists Society Award for Best in Comic Book Division, but it's his work on Justice League and the creation of the lovable, screw-up and corporate shilling superhero Booster Gold that has made me a fan for life. This September, along with artist Aaron Lopresti, he re-launched the Justice League International, brought along Booster Gold for the ride, a

Sultanna : Queen Of The Night

Micheael Burtch reports: Ottawa losses a fixture of its downtown scene.

Back in May I participated in a photo shoot with photographer Lucyna DanUTA Barossa, Toronto’s Dita Dior, and Ottawa‘s queen of the night Sultanna Corangie. Inspired by a Naomi Campbell pictorial in Interview Magazine, Sultanna had brought us together to help her produce photos that would explore themes of sexuality and violence. Impressed with the final results, photographer Lucyna DanUTA Barossa encouraged Sultanna to let her shop the photos around, and in September they were publis

Hot Off The Press! My Review Of Wonder Woman #1

published: September, 22, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

In less than 24 hours after its release, Michael has sent Positive Lite his review of Wonder Woman #1. Read it and find out what has Michael so exited about the return of the Amazing Amazon!

Writer Brian Azzarello once again casts Wonder Woman immersed in a world of myth and monsters, once again removing her from the world of modern man and traditional superhero heroics. Disappointingly, Diana has spent so much of her recent superhero career battling Greek Gods and Monsters that the Gods re-appearance in issue #1 is slightly tedious and anti-climatic. Wonder Woman has a wonderful rogues gallery of formidable female foes that are criminally underused; including the Cheetah, Silver

Pride IS Political: The We (Still) Demand Rally!

published: August, 31, 2011 Categories // Activism, Pride, Events, Sex and Sexuality

Michael Burtch in a fiery speech in our Nations’ Capital demands that evidence trump ideology - and Pride stop working with the Ottawa Police.

On August 28th, 2011 on Pride Day in the Nations Capital, I had the honour of speaking at Queer Ontario’s  We (Still) Demand Rally on Parliament Hill about HIV and AIDS. 40 years ago to the day, the first large scale gay rights rally was held on a similarly dark and rainy day by queer men and women who demanded changes to the discriminatory laws that were then restricting their lives. We commemorated the anniversary by making new demands of our Government for further equality and social

Comics Are A Man’s World; But It Would Be Nothing Without A Woman Or A Girl

published: July, 26, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment

Why women, gay men, people with disabilities and HIV, have no reason to be excited about D.C. Comics upcoming reboot.

North American comics have long been the domain of men. Statistically so far this year for Marvel and D.C. Comics, an average of 88% of comic book content is produced by men, from writers, inkers, and pencillers, to editors and letterers. The comic book business’s short sightedness about maintaining it’s ‘boy’s club’ when it comes to collaborators has tellingly resulted in the alienation of it’s female readers and D.C. Comics in particular doesn’t seem to care about fixing it . I

Mason Wyler Gives Good Face: The ONLY Poz guy in the Gay Porn Village

published: July, 19, 2011 Categories // Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

Poz porn star Mason Wyler has announced his retirement from porn, but he has one fan who’d hate to see him go.

Mason Wyler has quickly become one of my favourite, openly HIV+ porn stars. When he writes “I don’t need someone to talk too, I need someone to fuck me” on his blog or summons up the complexities of HIV by succinctly stating “it sucks”,  I totally get where he’s coming from and toast his post-AIDS sensibility. I love that he challenges sex-negative, HIV-phobic attitudes with simple, flowery prose like “Now can I please get off of this damn hospital bed/burning at the stake,

HIV & Wonder Woman: One Is Lying About it’s Age, And One Doesn’t Look It

published: July, 15, 2011 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

30 years of HIV, and 70 years of Wonder Woman. Michael Burtch, the tattooed activist, knows which one he’d rather celebrate.

The discovery of HIV 30 years ago this June, the unjust vilification of ‘patient zero’ as a result, and the often ignored contribution that colonialism and colonial abuse played in helping HIV spread;  it’s hard to know what to do with such a complicated, and painful anniversary.  In the last 30 years, almost 30 million people have lost their lives due to AIDS-related illnesses and 34 million are infected.  (That death toll is a lot higher when you remember that HIV is a l

Blood And Ink: HIV And Tattooing

published: July, 08, 2011 Categories // Living with HIV

Michael Burtch: “If there is one thing I hate, it’s people wearing Ed Hardy Wear with no visible tattoos. And if there is one question I’ve come to loath, it’s “What do your tattoos mean?””

It’s usually the sign that the person who is asking is one of the 76% of Canadian’s who are not tattooed. A cultural tourist. And yet, I’ve started to ask my poz friends with tattoos a similar question. What does it mean that the HIV+ are over represented in tattoo culture? For many, the tattoo is a metaphor of difference, and history and popular culture have long associated  the tattoo with danger, two concepts familiar to any HIV+ person.  The permanence of tattoos and the pe

Happy Canada Day Will & Kate!

published: July, 04, 2011 Categories // Community Events, Current Affairs, Events

Michael Burtch: I admit, I was curious to see our future head of state and his young bride in person, but since so were 300, 000 other Canadians, I settled for viewing Will and Kate on a large screen in front of the East Block of Parliament

The reflection of the sun blurred the finer details of Kate’s fashion choices on the jumbotron but  I thought her hat and matching red heels were fierce, even if the hat did look a bit like a condom. The cannons sounding, and the smoke blanketing the Hill, the Canadian Air Force Snowbirds doing 360’s as they flew overhead, and the presence of Harper, were all a tad terrifying, but admittedly entertaining. The same can be said of William’s speech (see bellow). Calling Afghanistan “

Wonder Woman’s newest NEW costume!

Ottawa poz activist Michael Burtch weighs in again on his favourite obsession, Wonder Woman

Despite a successful letter-writing campaign only one year ago for issues of the comic Wonder Woman to return to its original chronological numbering, to celebrate the 600th issue of Wonder Woman being printed, D.C. has once again re-launched the title, starting right back at number 1. And this time, an editorial decree has been handed down at D.C. that all women in their titles should sport more practical outfits; so goodbye Supergirl’s mini-skirt, Batwoman’s high heels, and Wonder W

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