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Final Chapter

published: July, 18, 2012 Categories // Legal, Lifestyle, Living with HIV

. . . and a happy ending. Scott Foley and the refugee hearing that changed his life

I ended my ten part series about my life as a refugee claimant in Canada, A New Life in Canada, with me waiting for my hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) to decide whether or not I will be allowed to remain in Canada as a Convention Refugee  i.e. someone who has a well founded fear of persecution based on several factors, for example membership in a particular social group. In my case it's based on my sexual orientation and membership in the LGBT community. From then t

Positively Connected Fundraising Campaign

published: July, 18, 2012 Written by // Michael Yoder Categories // Gay Men, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Michael Yoder

Michael Yoder founded the Victoria BC support group for gay/bi men living with HIV. Now he needs your help.

Positively Connected Fundraising Campaign

Several months ago, posted an article about Positively Connected,  a social and support group for gay/bi men living with HIV in Victoria BC. The concept of this project is to provide safe spaces where guys can meet and talk about their experiences with HIV as well as connect as people with people.  We work closely with the Vancouver Island Persons Living With HIV/AIDS Society and provide a coffee or pub night, a walking group a facilitated men’s support group and other a

Relentlessly Speaking About Justin Bieber....

published: July, 17, 2012 Categories // DJ Relentless, Arts and Entertainment, Music

Another blog by DJ Relentless. The name says it all . .

Relentlessly Speaking About Justin Bieber....

Aw....our little Bieber is trying to grow up and shake off his teeny-bopper image by dressing in the latest Hip Hop gear and hanging out with rappers and prize fighters. But unfortunately he’s still a child. A child who still reacts like a teenager and unfortunately got a morning radio personality suspended. As proven in his radio interview with Mojo in the morning when asked about his friendship with Harry Styles of One Direction (who has a thing for older women). Mojo asked if Bieber worri

Unexpressed Emotions

published: July, 17, 2012 Categories // Activism, Current Affairs, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces, Sex and Sexuality

Wes Austin on what happens, sometimes tragically, when men don’t express their feelings.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” -Sigmund Freud I hear many people in my social circles toss around the words ‘male privilege’ when talking about gender. I hear the contempt in their voices and the judgment in their pronunciations. Male privilege is bad, unqualifiedly bad.  I’m not here to debate that point. I’ll leave that to everyone else. What I’m here to talk about is the shadow side of that. It’s be

Magic Mike - One Big UP!, for the first five minutes.

published: July, 15, 2012 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Movies, Opinion Pieces, Brian Finch

Brian Finch takes in the most talked about movie of the summer - box office hit, male stripper movie Magic Mike

Magic Mike - One Big UP!, for the first five minutes.

This year I didn’t take in any Pride festivities at all, except performing at Slack’s Pride Show.  So to kill time the last night of the long weekend, I went to see Magic Mike, the male stripper movie loosely based on Channing Tatum life’s story.  This was the perfect time to see it. Being the end of the Pride weekend, the audience was 20% women, 80% gay men. One character in the movie gives a bitchy remark to another and a gay audiance member yells out "S...N...A....P!" I knew I was

New Canadian HIV Guidelines for planning pregnancy

published: July, 13, 2012 Written by // CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource Categories // CATIE, Women, Health, CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource, Living with HIV, Population Specific

CATIE: "ART has helped to improve quality of life and tremendously extend the life expectancy of people living with HIV. This has led some HIV-positive people to consider having children."

New Canadian HIV Guidelines for planning pregnancy

This article by Sean R. Hosein first appeared in CATIE News, an online  publication of CATIE. Une version française est disponible ici.    The widespread availability of potent combination anti-HIV therapy (commonly called ART or HAART) has made deaths from AIDS-related infections relatively uncommon in high-income countries such as Canada, Australia and the U.S. and regions such as Western Europe. ART has helped to improve quality of life and tremendously extend the life expectancy of

Five key themes of AIDS 2012

published: July, 12, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // International AIDS Conference , Conferences, Current Affairs, Revolving Door, Guest Authors

NAM/aidsmap with a guide to what's going to be hot in Washington D.C. this summer

Five key themes of AIDS 2012

This article by  Keith Alcorn originally published by NAM/ is republished with permission. If you have an interest in HIV and have been anywhere near the internet in the last few months, there’s a good chance you will have heard of the 19th International AIDS Conference, also known as AIDS 2012. The conference is taking place in Washington DC, 22nd to 27th July. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend, but the reach of the research presented at the conference will go

Is Rock and Roll a Cure?

published: July, 12, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Health, Sexual Health, Music, Revolving Door, Guest Authors

A guest post from our friends at AIDS New Brunswick examining the connection between HIV and the music industry..

Is Rock and Roll a Cure?

This article by AIDS New Brunswick’s  Education Programs Manager Dominic Doucet first appeared on the blog of that agency here. Is rock n roll a cure?  Of course not! Rock n roll or music of all styles aren’t cures for HIV/ AIDS, but they do play a very important part in breaking down stigmas, raising funds for research, and educating the general population about the facts. Being HIV positive is not an easy thing to disclose. Even in 2012 people still discriminate against and shun pos

What’s Your Passion?

published: July, 11, 2012 Categories // Activism, Women, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Denise Becker’s is public speaking – and she’s following it along a brand new career path.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a webinar by Darren Lecroix and Ford Saeks.  They nailed it when they said too many people give up on their passion by “settling”.  Wouldn’t everyone love to feel passionate about their job and look forward to getting up and going to work?  But for many, this is just not reality and a vast amount of people settle for work which will pay them a wage, give them decent hours and good benefits.  Sometimes we find the “perfect” job but lose our pass

Poz Jesus

published: July, 09, 2012 Categories // Current Affairs, International , Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

A pastor in Zimbabwe says Jesus had HIV. Christopher Banks responds “One could argue that religious dogma has done far more damage in Africa, and indeed the rest of the world, than HIV ever could hope to.“

The narrator in Woody Allen’s underrated 2010 film “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger” comes out with a brilliant gem toward the end of the story: “Sometimes the illusions work better than the medicine.”  While this doesn’t apply to HIV as a biological entity, evidence abounds in our world as to how it fits incredibly well with HIV as a psychological one.  As a friend told me recently, “there is no pill to get people to treat you the way they did when you were negative.” 

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