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In Memoriam: 17-7-2014

Monday, 21 July 2014 Written by // Dave R Categories // Current Affairs, International , Opinion Pieces, Dave R

Dave R and a personal reflection on the nature of loss, relating to the Malaysian airlines crash in the Ukraine and the effect that has had in the Netherlands. 80 people under 18 and 100 people on their way to an HIV conference: all lost…for what?

In Memoriam: 17-7-2014

Amsterdam 20th July, 2014

I'd just like to take the opportunity here to remember the people who died on the Malaysian airlines crash. With the greatest respect to all other nationalities and from my point of view, living in the Netherlands, (a country of 17 million people on a pocket handkerchief of land edging the North Sea), 193 dead Dutch citizens suddenly seems an awful lot of people to lose in one go.

It seems that everybody here knows someone, or knows someone who knows someone who perished on the flight. 80 People under 18 and 12 under 12, all gone for what  - and why? Never mind the loss to the HIV community, this leaves you speechless. Within 24 hours, the first evangelist, Christian moron in the US was claiming it to be the judgement of God on gays. That person and others like him don't deserve further mention.

You really begin to wonder about the nature of fate and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people see it as God's will, I don't; it's just unbelievably bad luck and once again, it seems that a bunch of thugs are going to get away with senseless murder.

It was clearly a mistake on the part of the man who pressed the missile button but does that make it any the less a criminal act? If it hadn’t been a passenger plane, it would have been a military aircraft and we probably wouldn’t have heard more than two seconds of news about it. Less impact, same result.

Unfortunately, in this age of instant news gratification, we get to see the nature of brutality and the lack of respect for human life in war zones and the world seems impotent in the face of naked aggression from politicians and their mercenary killers.

Was it always this way? Of course it was; it's just that these days our computer games are being brought to life, in real time, in front of our eyes. But are we learning anything from ‘breaking news’ images? No, unfortunately we’re just becoming desensitised to misery and tragedy and the killing goes on. I'm glad I'm not young any more - the world is not a place to bring up your kids.