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Words fail me…

Monday, 16 December 2013 Categories // Women, International , Legal, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Our UK correspondent is advised that the police are not pursuing charges in her non disclosure case involving her ex-partner. But the damage is done . .

Words fail me…

Two days before World Aids Day 2013, I was notified that the CPS are not taking further action. My feelings may come as a surprise to some. 

I have forgiven the man who made the vexatious allegation against me. I bear no anger and I bear no resentment. Some might hate. But I do not. I believe he was misguided, received erroneous advice and acted foolishly, no doubt receiving encouragement from others. I bear no ill-will and I have completely forgiven him.

I took to writing about the situation as a means of coping and also to draw attention to a pressing area of human rights violations in England and Wales; a situation which is reproduced in the criminalisation of HIV on an international level. In my case, the allegation should have been dismissed on the grounds of facts and evidence. It was not, however, and it spiraled into an abuse in the application of criminal justice. The personal repercussions have been simply horrific and those repercussions exerted (and continue to exert) a terrible shadow over my two year old child. That has been the hardest part, living with the impact upon an innocent child.

I could write more, but right now, words simply fail me. There are too many fragments of damage to try and piece back together.

This article previously appeared on girlwithhiv’s own blog here