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How to live well with HIV

published: September, 04, 2012 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // Community Events, As Prevention , General Health, Events, Mental Health, Features and Interviews, Research, Health, Treatment, Living with HIV, John McCullagh

John McCullagh talks with Robin Rhodes of ACT about his agency’s monthly educational workshops for people living with HIV - workshops that are now webcast across Canada and around the world.

How to live well with HIV

For those of us who work or volunteer in the HIV sector, there are often opportunities to attend workshops and conferences about new developments in HIV prevention and treatment and, for those of us living with HIV, on managing our heath in all of its dimensions - physical, emotional and spiritual. For most other HIVers though, such opportunities are not as readily available, due to cost, time, location or inclination. This is where the Community Health Forums put on by the AIDS Committee of

Vito - our hero

published: July, 23, 2012 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Movies, Health, Population Specific , John McCullagh

John McCullagh reviews the documentary film Vito, about the life and legacy of pioneering and charismatic LGBT and AIDS activist and author Vito Russo.

Vito - our hero

The past year has seen the release of a number of remarkable HIV-related documentaries. They include How to Survive a Plague, which guest author Jim Swimm commented on in our pages, and another telling of the story of AIDS activism in the 1980s, United in Anger, A history of ACT UP. Both of these docs were screened at the Toronto LGBT film festival earlier this year, as was Positive Youth, the Canadian-made movie that I reviewed here. More recently released was another Canadian doc, Voice

Fife House: A place to call home

published: June, 08, 2012 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // Aging, Features and Interviews, Living with HIV, John McCullagh

Access to secure and affordable housing is a key determinant for the health and well-being of people living with HIV. Keith Hambly, executive director of Fife House in Toronto, talks on video about how his agency is responding to this need.

Fife House: A place to call home

More people are living with HIV today than ever before. In Toronto, it’s estimated that one in 120 people are HIV-positive, with two people being newly diagnosed every day. Alarmingly, these numbers are likely an underestimate as it’s thought that up to one-third of all people living with HIV are unaware of the fact, as they haven’t been diagnosed.  While antiretroviral drugs mean people with HIV are living longer, they aren’t necessarily living better. Indeed many, including men, wo

Positive Youth

published: May, 22, 2012 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Youth, Movies, Health, Living with HIV, Population Specific , John McCullagh

John McCullagh reviews a new cinema verité documentary about what it’s like to be young and living with HIV.

Positive Youth

The Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival is now 22 years old. I remember the early years, when a gay film festival was considered too much of an outrage for many a conservative city councillor to support. Today, despite being the most popular film festival in town after the internationally renowned Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the traditional message of greeting from our mayor, who seems frightened by anything gay, remains conspicuously absent. Nevertheless, corporate and gover

I didn’t know anyone HIV-positive: My HIV story

published: March, 12, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Social Media, Gay Men, Revolving Door, Living with HIV, Media, Guest Authors, Population Specific

Less than two months ago, Josh Robbins, a safer-sex poster boy, filmed himself getting the news that he’d tested HIV-positive. Here’s his story.

I didn’t know anyone HIV-positive: My HIV story

I didn’t know one person who was HIV-positive before I walked down that long hallway to get the results of my recent-exposure HIV test. I didn’t know one person who was HIV-positive before I made a decision, on December 18, 2011, to have unprotected sex, based on my assumptions about someone’s character instead of my knowledge of their status. But everything changed for me on January 24, 2012. On that day, the answer I have given for my entire life - that I’m negative - changed. Hello

Undetectable – Big Deal or No Deal? Take two.

published: February, 21, 2012 Written by // John McCullagh - Publisher emeritus Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Health, Sexual Health, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , John McCullagh

“The status of being ‘undetectable’ ”, writes John McCullagh, “gives me a sense of positive self-esteem and emotional well-being. I’m not diseased. What I have is a well-managed, chronic illness. It’s unfortunate, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of."

Undetectable – Big Deal or No Deal?  Take two.

This is the second of three articles by writers on “what undetectable means to me.” Read Bob Leahy’s earlier take on this topic here.  Wayne Bristow will follow later this week. Three months after I started anti-retroviral therapy (ART), I got a call from my doctor. Even though my next appointment with him was still a week away, he phoned me because he wanted to give me the good news right away. My lab results had just come back showing that my HIV viral load had reach

When tanning goes wild...

He’s not faking it. Viral Load Warrior embraces his paleness while saying no to the George Hamilton look.

Summer is here, and I’ve just stocked up on sunscreen to protect my fair skin from being roasted to a crisp. I’ve never been able to tan without at first experiencing excruciating burns. Now, I embrace my paleness!   A tan looks nice in moderation, but some people don’t know when to stop. This week I saw a man in town with his face tanned to the extent where it looked fashioned from an old leather handbag. Then there are the fake tanners, who in their over-eagerness to tan, en

Six Tips for Choosing your HIV Doctor

published: April, 25, 2011 Categories // Health, Living with HIV, Mark S. King

We get to meet Mark S King’s doctor, who walks us through what to look for in finding HIV and primary care

Six Tips for Choosing your HIV Doctor

I had to say goodbye to my doctor recently. I was moving out of state, and Dr. David Morris of Pride Medical Group in Atlanta had been nothing but a patient, supportive teacher to me. Over the years he’s seen me through Hepatitis C, a few crystal meth drug relapses and three boyfriends. I love him and what he’s done for me, and I hated the prospect of finding a replacement in Florida. Fortunately, Dr. Morris agreed to give me some tips to make the process easier, and in this video episode

I have HIV, HIV doesn't have me.

published: April, 21, 2011 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow looks back to the day he heard the news that he was HIV-positive, and how he has coped since

On April 21st 2003, I was on my way out the door to see my dentist when the phone rang. It was my doctor wanting me to go in and get the results of my blood-work. I asked him "can you just give them to me over the phone because this damn tooth has to come!" He told me he isn't allowed to give them to me over the phone but if I couldn't make it, then, "your HIV test, it came back positive." All I could say was, "oh!" but in my mind, I was saying, "at least he didn't say cancer."

Assimilation in the Land of Cows - Part Two

published: April, 20, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Bob Leahy - Publisher

Drawn from life: a photo-essay in which Bob Leahy continues his exploration of the role of minorities, including gay men and people with HIV in particular, in his and other rural communities

Assimilation in the Land of Cows - Part Two

(Part One appears here) The notion that rural Canada is unwelcoming of minorities may in fact be true in some places, I don’t know. It certainly prevents some queer rural folks proclaiming they’re gay. It certainly inhibits HIV positive folks from disclosing their status more often than not. When I first moved to the country thirteen years ago, I met another guy who was out as a gay man, but not ready to announce his positive status to the world. “People will burn your house down if you

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