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On the Road Again

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Contributors, Travel, Bob Leahy

Bob Leahy finds himself on a seniors bus trip heading for four days in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

On the Road Again

Ageing isn't just about how the body deals with HIV as we grow older. It's also about the choices we make, like how we spend our summer vacations. Which leads me to recount today's adventures, which find me on a bus full of seniors heading for Atlantic City. It's El Cheapo Tours all the way. $499 includes the bus there and back, three nights at Trump something, a bunch of goodies like some gambling money, food vouchers, a day tour of Philadelphia- and piped-in Zamfir on the bus.

If you thought nobody listens to Zamfir anymore, they do on bus tours.

You learn pretty fast that you will be well looked after all the way. Another way of saying this is that bus tours are for people who need high maintenance travel. Need help scheduling going to the bathroom, how to operate a hotel elevator or can't go outlet shopping without a guide in tow. Bus tours are for you!. They are not recommended so much for those merely wanting to get from A to B, unless price is everything. Although in truth they have a quaint charm that some will find endearing. If it weren't for the Zamfir, I might even fall in that category.

So yes, bus tours do tend to attract an older crowd. In fact Meirion and I thought we might be the youngest on the bus. Not at all. This was good.

Atlantic city, our destination. Is a gambling town. It is also on the ocean, with a famous boardwalk, which attracts me far more than the casinos. I love what we in England used to call the seaside. Everything about it attracts me.

As I write this we are passing through the outskirts of Philadelphia. I am tempted to write a post called "I Didn't See Tom Hanks in Philadelphia PositiveLite insiders will know why- and I'll share that next time, along with tales from Atlantic City itself.