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Laughing for Pride & July 4th at Slacks. Come join me!

Monday, 25 June 2012 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Performances, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Brian Finch

Pride Night at Slacks June 27 & July 4th, Hosting for my first time! Come out and support.

Laughing for Pride & July 4th at Slacks. Come join me!

It’s here folks! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was preparing for last year’s Pride. How things have changed in a space of year.

I’m Jewish. I’m a comic. Gone are the activist days, and I’m so fucking happy. If I hear one more person seriously try to tell my why I have to say all the letters in LGBT…….

I will barf. This happened about two weeks ago.

People, wake up! I don’t give a shit. I don’t even want to give a shit. I just want to have fun. I now shun people who think that social justice and action means spending hours analyzing the semantic nuances of acronyms.

I’ve discovered that I’m actually quite allergic to people who wrap themselves up in oppression to live out their lives. It’s a violent allergy in fact. I’ve been told to keep my Epi Pen with me at all times, especially during Pride.

Coming up this week I have a set at the Laugh at Slacks Music Bar & Lounge Open Mic on Wednesday (June 27th).  I’m really looking forward to it, as it’s a stellar line up. So much so I’m a little intimidated by it. But I’m intimidated by everything, that’s the problem being really neurotic. I’m not really happy until I have something about which to worry.

The main even for me is July 4th. I’ll be hosting the Laugh at Slacks show. Not only is it the American Independence Day, it’s also my Chihuahua’s fourth birthday. I’m hoping the weather is nice, but not too hot. Slacks front opens up completely to allow some of the street life in. On the first night of Laughs at Slacks, I could see pedestrians stopping to check out the action going on inside.

The next day I heard about people who had been walking by and recognizing my voice bellowing over the PA system. We really haven’t had a venue open up onto Church St. like this since the days of Bar 501’s Window Show.

I’m really hoping that this can be cultivated, providing it doesn’t get so hot that the A/C forces the windows to be closed up.

In any event, come out and support the only open mic gear for specifically women and the “gays” (fill in the letters accordingly – I’m calling July 4th a BYOL even “bring your own letters, or in this case lesbians too). 

I love the women comics. The energy is very different. I find them to be more supportive, and I get to hang out with them in ways that the straight comics don’t always get to. It feels less competitive. During my first set at Slacks, I could see the comics attentively listening and engaged. It was really nice.

Now that my Jewish conversion is done, I’ll be announcing far and wide that I have the freshest kosher virgin cock in all of Pride 2012. I think it will make for a great ad on Craig’s List or Kijiji.

Being on stage is great. Instead of shelling out money for a Manhut profile (btw someone still has a profile using my photos. I’m very flattered that he says I’m only 37) I just announce on stage that I’m single & looking for cute Jewish guys. And if it’s the kind of date that only lasts under 60 mins, then I don’t care what the guy’s background is. Just bring the right body parts for the occasion and we’ll be great 

Happy Pride Everyone and remember to come out to Slacks June 27th & July 7th. Come to July 4th if you have to choose!