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Successful AIDS Action Now Die-In at Toronto City Hall

Friday, 23 September 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Activism, Contributors, Events, Brian Finch

A pictorial of todays protest of Toronto's Rob Ford cuts and threats to HIV programs and service funding

Successful AIDS Action Now Die-In at Toronto City Hall

Today I attended the Die-In protest at Toronto City Hall organized by AIDS Action Now at noon against the potential cuts to HIV programs and services by the city.

Admittedly I was wondering how this was going to turn out as it was raining quite heavily. The original plan was to have the die-in outside, however the rain actually made it better.

The alternate plan was to slightly walking to city hall in pairs, headed by with the larger than life grim reaper and trumpet player as if we were in a funeral procession. The rain and the grey just helped make it seem even darker.

Once inside, everyone laid down except the grim reaper in the circular rotunda part that has a sci-fi feel to it. Then everyone got up and started chanting “AIDS Action Now”

The security wouldn’t let any instruments in, but were quite nice and in the end into the protest. One of them remarked at how “cool” he thought it was.

I have to say the most humorous part of the moment was upon entering there tons of daycare-aged children who there are part of their own protests against proposed daycare spaces being eliminated. The guardians of these children got a bit freaked out and were nervously ushering out the kids. I guess a larger than life grim reaper could be a little intimidating for a 5-year-old.

Outside everyone did another die-in, but this time the “bodies” were outlined in chalk with messages. Many had flowers and candles.

A banner was hung from the second story outside of city hall as the grand finale, which can be seen below. 

Since I do not have time to edit a video and get it posted in a timely manner, I’m posting a short pictorial and look out for the video next week. Stay tuned for part two.