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Watch me get naked for Kathy Griffin: I did win a free pair of tickets with my video

Thursday, 22 September 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Contributors, Arts and Entertainment, Performances, Brian Finch

Since I'm off to see Kathy Griffin's show this Sunday, I thought I'd dust off my ticket-winning video for everyone.

Watch me get naked for Kathy Griffin: I did win a free pair of tickets with my video

This September 25th, I will be heading out for my third pilgrimage to see Kathy Griffin who is my comedic hero.

A couple years ago I had made a video to win a DVD contest, but then after I got it done I realized I missed the deadline. A few months later they had an even better contest, tickets to her show at Pride in Milwaukee, and a meet and greet.

I decided to rework the video I had made and over dub the part about the DVD with “Win a meet and greet with Kathy Griffin”

I posted it on the forum as directed and I got a message from the web master saying how much he loved it and if I could repost the original. I thought for sure I had this in the bag.

There were only a couple other videos, one by a girl who did a song about Kathy Griffin’s mother who is often the brunt of wine jokes, “I was raised by a wine box” Griffin always says along with her mother yelling at her to “Tip it tip it!” as to get the last dregs of the wine out of the box

The other girl’s video was kind of lame, and yet she was chosen as the “first winner.” I did get the “second winner” status. Then I learned the meet and greet was a draw between the two of us. I didn’t know when that would happen.

Now I’ve flown to see Kathy Griffin in New York, I’ve seen here in bloody Orillia’s Casino Rama. Enough already, the only way I was going to Milwaukee was if I was going to meet her. I would have had a couple friends follow me with video cameras and made a great video out of it.

But since I had to go all the way there to find out, I decided not to go. I couldn’t give the tickets to a local AIDS group or something, as I had to be in person with ID to pick them up.

So that’s my little Kathy Griffin tale. This was a really popular video, and I thought it was worth dusting off with a little edit to tighten it up and take out a little bit that didn’t add to it.

For you Kathy, I got naked on a cold February day on my balcony.