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Celebrating's 2-year anniversary early.

Monday, 07 November 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Social Media, Events, Brian Finch

Only a few weeks before our second anniversary I'm happy to launch the new and improved

Celebrating's 2-year anniversary early.

Welcome, everyone, to the new site redesign. For those who may have been following us since the very beginning, started off as a little blogging site that was scraped together by someone who didn’t know a thing about working with this particular content management system. It was amazing he could figure out what he did, but nonetheless, it was a bit of a crack house.

Soon thereafter I got a new design up, and the story continues to today where we are now on our fourth design in just under two years. Our two-year anniversary is this December 1st, World AIDS Day, when, as we said back then, we “went viral.”

We’ve definitely come a long way from those early days - from crack house to magazine. With new content being added every day, we no longer are writing “blog posts” so much as writing articles.

Blogging is about creating an ongoing personal narrative, and we are happy we do have some writers who do just this. However, we have become a magazine at the same time.

The incredible part is that we’ve done this with less than two dimes to scrape together. Behind this polished and professional look, we are all unpaid volunteers!  We have a wonderful team of writers!

We are unique too. There is no other national online HIV magazine that features people from across the country, and in fact the world, continually updating in real time.

Yes, we’ve evolved quite a bit, and I’m excited to see where we will be in two years from now.

As always we look for diversity in content and in contributors. If you would like to contribute to our vision of a holistic view of HIV, meaning we are people who are exploring life first and HIV second, then I encourage you to contact us.

I’d like to give a special thank you to Kevin Smart at Smart Air Media who has presided over this new site design. We literally put this together in about three weeks. Having experience with changing websites, I have to say this was the most pain-free one of them all.

I hope everyone enjoys the new look. Dig around.  Now you can find content that once had long disappeared from the front pages.

Meanwhile, we will continue our efforts to grow and to involve people living with HIV in ever more meaningful ways.



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