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Lady of the house

Thursday, 12 December 2013 Written by // Louis "Kengi" Carr - L.A. Correspondent Categories // Pets, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Louis "Kengi" Carr

Regular readers will be familiar with LA guy Kengi’s beloved pooch, Dodger. Now there is a new addition to the Kengi household. Meet Daisy

Lady of the house

Before leaving for Burning Man this past August I was thinking about getting another dog to keep Dodger company when he’s alone, but also for me. I started looking, but with each dog we met Dodger wasn’t too happy with them, it was starting to look like getting another dog was simply out of the question.

However once I arrived back home the search continued, but this time I reached out to the person I received Dodger from. He made some solid suggestions and agreed to try to help us find a little buddy. I also reached out to a USC School of Social Work student that has now graduated and has her own animal rescue. I had the honor of meeting her while speaking to her class while she was in grad school. She has also been very instrumental in helping me organize several successful outreaches to individuals with HIV or AIDS as well as the homeless. In fact she rallied USC students to help with one of my annual anniversary outreaches. She too said she would keep her eyes and ears open for a special buddy for Dodger.

I’ve had Dodger for three years now. When I first met him he was pretty banged up. His eyes looked so sad and the first few hours all he did was sit by the window looking out into the darkness. I tried hard to get him to warm up to me, but I finally just let him do it at his own pace. Eventually he came over to the sofa and nuzzled next to my leg.

“Dodger, up” I said coaching him to come sit next to me and just like that he did. The first night was new for him. He woke me up around 3:30am wanting to go outside. However when I took him out all he did was look around and bark. I think he was calling for Phillip and wondering why he had not come back to get him. Eventually Dodger warmed up to me and he’s been an awesome little buddy to have around, very loyal and very helpful when I’m not feeling my best. Then there are those times when he simply cracks me up or does something to amazes everyone like taking his right paw to slide back a screen door to get in the house.

About two weeks ago I received an email about a little dog that needed a home. Hilarey gave me the information she had on the dog and a contact number. I called to ask some questions - well. many questions  - and then set up a play date for Dodger to meet her. The photo of her was awesome, but I was unsure if Dodger would take to a female dog. Man, was I ever wrong! Right away Dodger loved her and she seemed to love him as well. The dogs hung out for a bit with me and my two best friends (who also loved her) and by the end of the night Dodger and I had a great new addition to our home.

Her name is Daisy and she is awesome. I can’t thank Felicity and her family enough for allowing me to give him a forever home. She’s very well mannered, sits and listens very well. She loves to sit right by me on the sofa or right at my feet while I’m working. Just like Dodger, she likes to barge her way into the bathroom while I’m using it and at night she likes to jump up and sleep on top of me or curled right in the bend of my leg. Something Dodger likes to do this as well, so they’ve had to make some deals on who gets to sleep or sit where.

There have been some funny moments like where one night Dodger allowed Daisy to sleep inside his little house with him, but the very next day I saw him pulling her blanket out of his house and moving his toys away from her space. For two days he would not even sit by her, but then, just like that, they were friends again and he was all over her. He’s very protective of her when we go to the park and she is very protective of me when others are approaching while we are walking. She’s also a very fast walker, which has been an adjustment for Dodger and me. After our first day walking I had to come home and soak in a hot bath because my back hurt so much.

This past weekend we went to PetPals to get her a new leash and collar and later I took her to the groomer to get a haircut. The owner offered to treat Daisy to a full spa at no charge as a way of thanking me for the work I do for people in need. I was so blown away by this and Daisy looked like a new dog when Dodger and I returned to get her.

Already my friends are gearing up to get her things as well as offering to help me get to and from her appointment to be fixed next week. I'ts way up in the valley at a mobile clinic that does it for FREE, but it would mean riding the train and two busses to get there. Since Daisy is not considered a service animal she would not be able to ride on the bus and I would simply have to sneak her on the train, which I see people do all the time, but thanks to my circle of awesome friends we will not have to cab it or worry about getting there and back. How awesome is that?

So this is Daisy and she’s the lady of our house.