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Spring awakening

Friday, 26 February 2016 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Lifestyle, Philip Minaker

Our style guru Philip Minaker on how to look good in the months to come

Spring awakening

Each season fashion designers put a fresh spin on various themes that become synonymous with the times in which we live. Whether they are romantic, sporty, nostalgic, futuristic, androgynous or inspired from different parts of the world we integrate these various influences into our own wardrobes that inevitably depict our own true sense of style. 

Colours, fabrics and silhouettes are key components derived from these various trends that are important to take into consideration. Selecting what best suits our needs from an esthetic point of view also requires a practical slant. Factoring in our own lifestyle needs, physical attributes and our own comfort zones enable us to not only look good but also feel terrific! 

With a current abundance of designers, brands and price points it is easy to select pieces that can be added to your wardrobe. Whether you chose items that can go the distance for seasons to come or be fun add-ons that spark up your current look, the options are plentiful. 

Designers, this season, have made it all the more easy to merge key trends as they too have taken this bent on depicting various key themes. East meets West is a popular theme that many have undertaken. The club jacket or bomber, for instance, has a traditional silhouette that is typically American and athletic and yet floral and/or Asian influences have been integrated into the fabrication, giving it a brand new slant. 

Designers may have melded the two influences to better their global sales potentials but on a personal note it translates into a “we are one” theme that acknowledges our differences rather than segregates them. Ethnic influences are a popular touch to many garments this season. They send a strong message that we are, in one way or another, all part of the global village. 

Paisley is the key pattern to look for in your new wardrobe pieces this season. Regardless if the influence is British or taken from Indian culture it makes no difference. Shiny or matte fabrics are also neither here nor there. They too have been integrated into the club jacket, as well as with shirts, trousers, shorts and suitings. From subtle to bold you can chose the look that best accommodates your own personal needs. From head to toe or opting for one piece, the choice is yours. 

Lace is a key fabric that in the past has been left to female clothing options. Not this season! Men’s shirts, tees and even panels added to sweaters, jackets and blazers add a softer touch. Sheer fabrics have also been reworked into menswear in subtle to bold touches. 

Silhouettes have loosened up denoting a more relaxed look. Trousers are fuller and pleats have been added to allow for a fuller leg silhouette. Tops are less restrictive or fitted as well. They say…loose clothes allow for better karmic flow. Why not find out? 

In the coming months we will explore a few other options that will better equip you and your wardrobe for a season filled with new twists and turns. Here’s to a great season ahead!