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Pilgrimage to paradise, days seven to nine

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 Written by // Jay Squires Categories // Gay Men, Jay Squires, Travel, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Travelling poz guy Jay Squires is taking it easy for a few days on the road while in the Amercian South-west and is finding his downtime a blast.

Pilgrimage to paradise, days seven to nine

I have entered the in-between part of the pilgrimage. These three days are for relaxation and minimal driving. The scheduled itinerary begins again on Day 10. 

Day 8 brought the Wacky Town Name Tour. For indecipherable reasons Colorado has the damndest names for small towns. Just east of Grand Junction is the strangely named town of Delta. I stayed the night wondering the whole time why I was in Delta.

I stayed one night in Grand Junction, a fair sized town with nightlife. I heard a good band and a hot chick tried to pick me up.

The mother load was next. Parchute, Rifle and finally Silt, lined up like bowling pins down the highway. In Rifle I ate a brownie a la mode at Shooters, a nationally-famous bar where the female wait staff all pack heat. As you can see I found another hot one.

Two nights in Silt (LOL) gave me my jumping off point for Glenwood Spa, billed as Colorado's largest thermal spring.This stop was recommended by Colorado bon vivant Gary Nelson who is *never* wrong.

The spa is an impressive facility. Featuring a very large pool backed by a smaller "hot" pool it attracts families with kids armed with squirt guns unlike any from my youth.  I thought I heard "Marco Polo" in the distance but I'm uncertain. Had I been certain blood would have flowed.

I said to hell with the pool quickly and explored. In time I came to the entrance ro the Spa itself. Two lovely young ladies engaged me and started in on a sales pitch for a massage.

My mind fogged with images of Eric the Dominator, the perpetrator of my first and only professional massage. ETD beat me black and blue (metaphorically) in the back room of a Palm Springs guest house in October 2011. After that I vowed to never again let anyone go deep on me. (Look queens, I'm just telling a story. Minds. Out. Of. Gutter.)

My sales ladies were persistent and promised no pain, only blissful relaxation. They wore me down and i signed on, hand shaking.

After time in the Serenity Room, my masseuse Lisa introduced herself. She was a slight woman, no more than half the weight of ETD.  I began to relax and she hadn't yet touched me.

The she did touch me for 60 blissful minutes. She played me like a fiddle. She hit muscle groups i couldn't name and paid special attention to my legs and feet as I requested. Those are my problem areas post-diagnosis. 

Too soon it was over and I was a convert. I have had heard many say that massage improves the wellbeing of people living with HIV. I believe that now. I felt stronger and completely relaxed.

As I've done before I'll offer some lessons learned from these three days. First and most important, no vacation works without downtime. Quit worrying about getting your money's worth and relax. 

When naming a town be careful of the latest fad. My comment when learning of Silt was "They might as well have called it dirt."

Be open to change even if the change brings the risk of pain. If pain comes, pain is a teacher. Learn and grow.

My downtime was a blast.  Now Denver  - and paradise.