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published: April, 16, 2012 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // DJ Relentless, Arts and Entertainment, Features and Interviews, Music, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Alphonso King is DJ Relentless. He’s also drag performer and recording artist Jade Elektra. And he’s out about his HIV-positive status. Bob Leahy interviews this fascinating multi-facetted man. interviews Alphonso King.

Bob Leahy: Hi Alphonso. Thank you for talking to  You’re no stranger of course, because you have your own column on our site  but I’m really liking the chance to ask you a few questions and get to know you better.  You really are an interesting person, with more than one story to tell. Right now for instance you have your music career as DJ Relentless and as a recording artist, your drag career as Jade Elektra and then, of course you happen to be HIV-positive and entir

Could’ve Been So Beautiful, Could’ve Been So Right

published: April, 16, 2012 Categories // Dating, Gay Men, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Positively Dating tells us this time it all began with two gourmet cupcakes – and it kind of ended with them to . “Apparently, I was just in love with the thought of being in love.”

Could’ve Been So Beautiful, Could’ve Been So Right

After the lackluster first sexual encounter with Martin, I was determined that it would indeed get better. After all, we are both attractive men in our mid 30s and we like each other, so there is nothing stopping us from having no-holds-barred-animalistic sex. Right? At least that is what I was hoping for. I like Martin, I really do and I want us to work. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, but we all know that sex is a fairly large component in a new relationship. I’m sure yo

The real hard thing with ARVs.

published: April, 15, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Newly Diagnosed, International , Living with HIV, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

J from Singapore reports in on his libido rising from the dead.

Antiretroviral medications, or ARVs - the miracle cocktail of pills that could save your life, aren’t without their faults. The problems are widely reported and often discussed – nausea, diarrhoea, lipodystrophy. Even the occasional perk of a nightly high/lucid-dreaming-state, which can get relentlessly tiresome after a while. It’s the ‘take’ part to the pills that ‘give’ so much. With all that raining on the parade, when I was cautioned (I’m sure he meant to reassure, but th

Gay Mafia Presents . . .

published: April, 15, 2012 Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Movies, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Robert Birch on building generational bridges: "Do today’s young queer men and women need to more intimately know about the AIDS crisis? I say, ‘Hell, yes!’”

Gay Mafia Presents . . .

The word mafia means “a bold man.” The idea that we might need a ‘Gay’ Mafia emerged from a group of grassroots activists who were trying to imagine new ways to engage communities of men who have sex with men. Institutions that support and inform gay men’s health and wellness have certain limitations, especially since we rely on the public purse. When I envisioned a video blog from a bathhouse with performers eroticizing safer sex negotiation, funders graciously turned down the idea

A (Poz) Insider's Look at the World of Drag

published: April, 14, 2012 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Performances, Living with HIV

Our DJ Relentless aka Jade Elektra: “The drag world still fascinates me. What motivates a man to put on a dress and act like a woman?"

A (Poz) Insider's Look at the World of Drag

Inside tbe world of drag Most of you know me as DJ Relentless, but I am also known as Jade Elektra and I just spent Easter Weekend in Chicago competing in The Miss Continental Elite Pageant. As an out HIV-positive person, it was really a great weekend for me to represent Canada in my first national pageant. Ever since I came out on the gay scene back in Tampa in the mid 80's, the drag world has always been a major fascination for me. I remember going to The El Goya and seeing my first drag s

Remembering, and Saying Her Name

published: April, 13, 2012 Written by // Mark S. King - My Fabulous Disease Categories // Social Media, Gay Men, Living with HIV, Media, Population Specific , Mark S. King

Mark S. King on his blogging career with, the woman who helped him start and a look back at his very first video effort.

Remembering, and Saying Her Name

In the Summer of 2008, I received a curious package from Bonnie Goldman, the editor of Inside was a Flip video camera, what was then a new-fangled device that allowed you to take video footage with a camera the size of a pack of cigarettes. It came with a simple note. “I think you should try this,” it said. How did she know? I wondered. I had never mentioned to her that I once taped a special for my newborn niece, back when video cameras were the size of footballs and editin

Very Bendy, Sweaty and Practically Naked!

published: April, 12, 2012 Written by // Daniel Uy Categories // Fitness and Exercise, Health, Lifestyle, Daniel Uy

Daniey Uy says “Yes. I am talking about it. You may have heard about it. As yoga goes, it’s pretty kinky. But sometimes, you just need it to be hot!”

Very Bendy, Sweaty and Practically Naked!

I am unfamiliar where other people are in their journeys with self-identification and I am not advocating that it is necessary or even required, but for me, I found that if I was going to be trusting someone with my body and waned them to keep me safe, then I would want them to know I may have limitations that may not otherwise be noticeable from the outside.  That is a choice I made around the five-six year mark of being HIV+ when I took up this physical practice of yoga.  It was a style of

A new life in Canada

published: April, 11, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Newly Diagnosed, International , Living with HIV, Population Specific

In the final chapter of Scott Foley's story, he describes his new life as a refugee claimant in Canada while awaiting his hearing to determine whether or not he will be able to stay in the country.

To continue where I left off in part 9 of my story, which you can read here, the decision was made to seek to remain in Canada as a Conventional Refugee, thanks to the information shared with me by the man I had fallen for during (Toronto) Pride 2011. I returned home and began to discreetly wrap things up, all the while maintaining contact with the list of references provided to me by my new boyfriend.  I reached out to folks at the 519 Church Street Community Centre and the Metropo


published: April, 11, 2012 Categories // Gay Men, Mental Health, Health, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Nicholas Wise: “When I look back on my time in Beaumont, I’m thankful for . .going through what I did because I realized that nothing is that hard to deal with when I have family, friends, and loved ones around. “

This article has been hard to write for many reasons, the biggest of which is that it hits close to home. I do want to stress that I am not a licensed therapist nor have I had any training on this; these are my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. My family has a history with depression. Luckily I can say with the exception of my mom’s uncle, we are still all here today and doing a lot better.  I’ve tried to kill myself twice because I was unhappy with where my life was going, because I

HIV in Toronto and the Canadian Government's negligence

published: April, 10, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Current Affairs, Health, Sexual Health, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Opinion Pieces

XTRA’s Rob Salerno says AIDS funders The Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq should be ashamed of the way they handled the latest round of ASO funding proposals.

HIV in Toronto and the Canadian Government's negligence

This editorial by Rob Salerno first appeared in Xtra, Canada’s Gay and Lesbian News source, here. Two weeks ago, I found myself at the Newmarket Health Centre, where Conservative MP Lois Brown was making an announcement of new funding for the AIDS Committee of York Region (ACYR). It was a tastefully subdued affair. ACYR’s executive director, Radha Bhardwaj, gave a speech outlining the accomplishments of her organization and some of the unique challenges of providing services for HIV

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