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Seeking support

published: February, 05, 2014 Categories // Newly Diagnosed, Women, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Follow UK writer Becky Mitchell as she seeks support geared specifically for women with HIV

When I was first diagnosed in August 2012, my doctor suggested I contact the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) in Bristol.  Unfortunately, the conversation with my doctor was around 5:30pm on a Friday so I had to wait until the following Monday to phone them.  In the meantime, I googled THT and had a look at their website to get some more information.  I found my way to the Community Forum and registered. I had a read through some of the sections which covered things like being newly diagnosed

Finding ACT UP – Part Two – Rage

published: February, 05, 2014 Written by // Michael Bouldin Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , Michael Bouldin

In a stinging indictment of America’s response to the out of control epidemic in gay men, Michael Bouldin says “We no longer fight AIDS. What we do instead is curate it.” That he says is “why Planet Gay needs aggressive street-fighters like ACT UP"

Finding ACT UP – Part Two – Rage

Finding ACT UP – Part Two – Rage [Read Part One here. Full disclosure: The author is a member of ACT UP New York, therefore possibly not entirely devoid of bias. This piece expressly does not carry the sanction of ACT UP, nor has it been reviewed or approved by, or speak for, any agency thereof. All weaknesses and errors, and there are many, are the author’s.] If the gay community – or for that matter the more variegated HIV/AIDS community – were entirely honest with itself, we w

When the tables are turned

published: February, 05, 2014 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Aging, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

With an ill partner and an ailing pet, Bob Leahy continues his exploration of an emerging new reality, HIVers being cast in to the role of caregivers where once they were the ones receiving care.

When the tables are turned

Last time I wrote on this topic  I expressed the thought that with many HIVers now living long and productive lives they would increasingly be required to be caregivers rather than recipients of care. My partner is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, after all. and while the prognosis is pretty good, the balance of who needs help in our relationship, physical and emotional, and who doesn’t, has shifted.  It takes a bit of getting used to. It also exposes one to how other disease gro

Side by side, part five

published: February, 04, 2014 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Festivals, Gay Men, Movies, Current Affairs, International , Living with HIV, Population Specific

Ed Wolf continues his narrative about taking the AIDS documentary We Were Here to Russia. A bomb scare interrupts the LGBT festival for a day so he goes sightseeing in St. Petersburg instead

Part Five: Paradox  Sunday November 23rd It’s 9 am, and it’s still dark outside. I’ve received a message from Bard who is staying here at the hotel. Bard is a member of this year’s festival jury as well as the programming director for a similar film festival in Oslo, Norway. He suggests we have breakfast together. I hop in the shower and get dressed, happy to have something other than my orange outfit to wear. In the hotel restaurant, Bard tells me that the festival screening has

Being an ally

published: February, 04, 2014 Categories // Women, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Megan dePutter is an ally, an HIV-negative woman working in an AIDS Service Organization. But how can allies best function when they have the tools and the capacity for support but not the lived experience of a disease. Megan has the answers.

Being an ally

Ally is a title we often give ourselves. Actually, as an HIV- woman working in the field, it is often a title I give myself. But recently something changed the way I view this word. After a problematic (read: offensive) presentation given by someone who was a positioned as an ally, a colleague of mine later thoughtfully reflected, “ally is not a title we give ourselves; it is a title our community gives to us based on the service we provide to them.” It was an eye-opening moment. As all

The sound and fury of the PrEP debate (and the facts to win it)

published: February, 03, 2014 Written by // Mark S. King - My Fabulous Disease Categories // As Prevention , Health, International , Sexual Health, Treatment, Opinion Pieces, Mark S. King

Mark S King in a powerful piece which tears apart the objections to PrEP and says why its potentially a more powerful prevention tool than condoms ever were

The sound and fury of the PrEP debate (and the facts to win it)

“We don’t know the side effects of this drug. It’s too expensive. Insurance won’t cover it. It hasn’t been studied enough. It will encourage slutty behavior. And why the hell don’t people just use condoms?”   – Objections raised to the oral contraceptive progesterone (“The Pill”), approved by the FDA 54 years ago. When the drug Truvada achieved FDA approval in July of 2012 as a medication to prevent HIV infection among people who are negative (a strategy known as pre-e

Sylvester: Don’t Call Me A Drag Queen, I’m Sylvester Bitch!. HIV Pop Music Icons: (2)

published: February, 03, 2014 Categories // African, Caribbean and Black, Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Music, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Sylvester was a larger than life, self-created disco phenomenon. He thrust drag performance into mainstream faces and apologised for none of it. His death from AIDS cut short a talent that may well have survived the death of disco itself.

 Sylvester: Don’t Call Me A Drag Queen, I’m Sylvester Bitch!. HIV Pop Music Icons:  (2)

“An androgynous, cross-dressing, openly gay, African American, falsetto-singing, unapologetically flaming man-diva influenced primarily by church women, black blues singers, drag queens, hippies, and homos… Sylvester rode his marginality right into the mainstream: a star not despite the boundaries of race, gender, and sexuality he eagerly crossed but because of them.” Joshua Gamson, ‘The Fabulous Sylvester: The Legend, The Music, The Seventies in San Francisco’. I can close my eyes

Shut-in prisoner of the polar vortex

published: February, 03, 2014 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Gay Men, Hobbies, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow says “I’m really out of shape right now because I can’t get outside. Correction, I could get outside but I just don’t want to, it’s freaking cold out there.” He has the photos to prove what winter in Canada has been like this year.

Shut-in prisoner of the polar vortex

Normally I can be heard complaining about the heat.  I really don’t do well in the heat. I don’t know if it was the medications I use to take or the one I’m on now. Sometimes I just feel extra warm and it seems to come from the inside out. I never feel envious of friends or others who head south to get away from the winter. I know I would constantly be looking for shade to bask in or be sitting in an air conditioned bar if I were to go south. The thoughts of overheating and having bug

Canadian AIDS Society’s AGM and PHA Forum in Ottawa: some scholarships for HIVers available

published: February, 02, 2014 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Activism, Conferences, Events, Living with HIV, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy says you have until February 14 to apply: you should consider going out and meet HIVers from all across Canada

Canadian AIDS Society’s AGM and PHA Forum in Ottawa: some scholarships for HIVers available

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) has announced that the 2014 People Living with HIV/AIDS Forum and the Canadian AIDS Society AGM will be held June 6-9 at the Lord Elgin in Ottawa. Scholarship application forms for those people living with HIV wishing to attend and requiring financial assistance to do so are now available on their website.  What is the Canadian AIDS Society? It’s a national coalition of numerous community-based AIDS organizations from across Canada. Its goal is to strengthen

DJ Relentless expands his fundraising

published: January, 31, 2014 Categories // DJ Relentless, Activism, Events, Music, Living with HIV

Our resident DJ writer is finding new ways to help Toronto PWA Foundation, starting in February

DJ Relentless expands his fundraising

2014 is off to a great start! I have decided to take my fundraising up a notch. Of course POZ-TO 15 is happening on February 2nd (Sunday), but I am also proud to announce that there will be two more dance parties that you can help Toronto's People With AIDS Foundation happening this upcoming month as well.  On February 15th (Saturday), I will be spinning for WAYLA's "NYC 90s" event with your hostess Scarlett BoBo as we treat you to a night out in The Big Apple during the 1990's. If you stop

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