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Spark it up!

Monday, 04 May 2015 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Lifestyle, Philip Minaker

Wondering what to wear this summer season. Fear not! Our fashion guy Philip Minaker says go with a more relaxed look

 Spark it up!

Wondering what to wear this season? Fear not! Whether you are feeling the need to do a complete wardrobe overhaul or just spark up your favorite pieces there are plenty of options that will not only spark up your look but your attitude as well. 

The major trend to dressing this season is a more relaxed attitude. A key component to creating this vibe is to simply wear shirts untucked and sleeves rolled up. Tapered shirts with contoured hemlines will show off that hot physique of yours and are the best options to keeping it light and simple.

Another hot look is to go for boxy short-sleeved bowling shirts that will keep you cool and less restricted adding to that easy breezy look, not to mention that added edge of mystery as to what is underneath. 

Sexy is understated rather than blatant this season. Even t-shirts are more about what is on them rather than what is in them. Yes, message tees are back in a very big way! So too are op-art graphics that run the gamut from 60’s or 70’s throw backs to digitalized options that technology has toyed with. 

Knits are also a great alternative for tops with the emphasis on mixing textures and patterns. Go for natural fabrics that are easier to maintain and allow for better airflow during those hot humid days. Bold colour combos to subdued earth tones offer a wide range of possibilities that are best suited to your personality and life style. 

Despite the trend to mix patterns…matchy-matchy is also an important factor to integrate into your new summer wardrobe. Wild prints can be worn as matching tops and bottoms or separated to create a more subdued look that will add versatility and/or depth to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. From business, casual or to sportier looks this is an integral way to go from day to evening without too much fuss. Again, it’s more about creating a lighthearted look that conjures up a less rigid and more playful spirit and personality.

Bold graphics, prints and of course…florals, that are multi colored make it easier to team them up with solids, stripes or other patterns. The key to carrying off this look without looking contrived or on drugs is to match up at least one colour that is featured on all pieces. 

And speaking of colour…bold and bright is your best option. Various shades of blues and reds are the quintessential way to go that will also carry you thru the coming seasons making them great investment pieces. Whether you chose to simply add new accessories to your tried and true look or go for broke, colour is essential for summer 2015. 

Denim is always a staple in any wardrobe. This season faded or bold coloured alternatives are favored. Whether it be bottoms, shirts or jackets go for pieces that can be easily integrated into your wardrobe without looking contrived or overly thought about. 

Go for shades of colours that pop rather than match when it comes to accessories (shoes, hats, bags and glasses). Footwear is especially exciting this season! Classic looks, like deck shoes for example, have been given a brand new vibe with the introduction of neons, bolds and even patterns to add that added spark that again is more about having fun rather than reflecting a social status. Canvas slip-ons, sneakers and sandals are other options that follow suit. For business attire go for classically styled shoes that can be sparked up with wild socks or closed toed sandals that are still sophisticated yet a tad offbeat. 

After a long drawn out winter why not celebrate summer with a more light hearted approach to dressing that will also reflect a lighter side to your personality as well? I guarantee you will not only look better but feel more upbeat as well. So go ahead and…SPARK IT UP !