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Moschino lives on

Thursday, 05 March 2015 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Philip Minaker

Our fashion guy Philip Minaker gets excited about a new line of men’s and women's fashion from an old name, the original Moschino having died from AIDS in 1994

Moschino lives on

From time to time various fashion designers have been selected to breathe new life into European designer brands that have lost their namesakes. Rarely do a select few manage to ignite the spark from the greatness the brand once had and run with it. Whether they relate to the mindset of the original designer or channel their own ability to absorb the nuances that are well documented in the labels archives it's a difficult balance to create collections that are still relevant and appealing. 

Expectations run high. Living up to the greatness of the original designer is a tough challenge. The business side of the brand can also be a daunting force to reckon with as pressure to produce successful seasonal collections amongst a surplus of other brands is at an all time high. And then there are the personal demons one must put aside to kick-start a brand that you pour your heart and soul into that may even compete with the success of your own brand. Fashion is not always pretty. 

Moschino (top left) left us far to soon at the age of 44 from complications related to AIDS in 1994. As per instructions from his last will and testament, The Franco Moschino Foundation was created to help children and others afflicted with HIV and AIDS. To this day the foundation continues to raise funds and awareness by various means including sizeable contributions from the brands various labels and through a variety of fund raising projects the brand participates in around the globe. 

During his reign, Moschino was hand-picked to dress a wide variety of pop icons. From Princess Diana to Madonna, he captured their passion to be a relatable identity. Jeremy Scott (below) has also been called upon to dress superstars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. His latest feat was dressing Katy Perry for her half time show during the 2015 Super Bowl. He cleverly chose pieces inspired from his own label as well as a gown tweaked exclusively for Katy from his Fall 2015 Moschino collection.

After a bitterly cold winter what better way to look forward to Spring than checking out the upbeat designs from both collections? One of the big trends in fashion this season is a look back to the 70’s and 80’s that coincidentally was when Moschino launched his own brand to critical acclaim by satirizing the fashion industry. It was also a time when AIDS had yet to over-shadow the sexual liberation movement that had evolved from the 60’s. As this decade has yet to coin a defining label perhaps a “positive” attitude will be the foundation that will be an integral part of this period.


As the world takes note, hopefully Jeremy Scott can continue  artistically, socially and provocatively to build upon the legacy Franco launched as a renegade, rebel and philanthropist that truly represents the times in which we live.