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Close for comfort? Reflections on illness, death, dying and grief

Tuesday, 06 September 2016 Written by // Ontario HIV Treatment Network - Research Categories // Social Media, Mental Health, Upcoming Events, Events, Research, Ontario HIV Treatment Network

What's hot with Peer Researchers?The OHTN's Universities Without walls presents an online talk show hosted by James Watson

Close for comfort? Reflections on illness, death, dying and grief

What’s Hot with Peer Researchers?

Close for Comfort? Reflections on illness, death, dying and grief
hosted by James Watson

Wednesday, September 28th, 2pm-3pm EST

In HIV research we work with peer researchers because of the high value placed on lived experience, their connection to the HIV community and their prime role as cultural interpreters. Working as a peer researcher and with peer researchers brings closeness and a coming to terms with joy and resilience as well as vulnerability to life, changes, illness and grieving, dying and death.

Are we too close or is emotional stress just part of the job? Are our strategies for self-care working? On this show, peer researchers and researchers share strategies for self-care and resilience.

"What's Hot with Peer Researchers?" is an online talk show about community-based research that has people living with HIV as the main protagonists.

The show will be held online using Instant Presenter. To ensure you’re able to participate, test your system’s compatibility. We encourage you to be an active participant, and you can learn how by watching this short video tutorial.

To sign up, click the "Register Now" button below.

Warm regards,

James Watson

Coordinator, Community-Based Research & Peer Training
Ontario HIV Treatment Network 

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