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The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist: A Fresh Look at Gay Men and HIV

Thursday, 24 September 2015 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Art, Gay Men, Arts and Entertainment, Sexual Health, Health, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Revolving Door, Guest Authors

New Canadian anthology explores shift in gay male sex lives influenced by recent medical advances in HIV treatment.

The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist: A Fresh Look at Gay Men and HIV

VANCOUVER, Canada - September, 2015

Ethica Press has published the first volume of Annals of Gay Sexuality 2015: The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist.

This deliberately provocative new journal is a direct response to significant changes in sexual practices among gay men in light of recent gains in HIV prevention and management.

This inaugural edition of AGS contributes to the investigation of sexual cultures among gay men using an arts-based perspective and methodology. Co-editors (former contributor) Robert Birch and Marcus Greatheart invited writers and visual artists to examine how gay men’s sex lives have been impacted by these emergent trends and to consider their possible trajectories. The result is a 166-page full-colour compendium that brings together analysis of gay male sexuality with sexy and savvy images.

“The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist is a collection of visual art and scholarly inquiry that captures the present-day flavours of  gay men’s sexuality in the context of current HIV treatments, but also the social climate of the fourth decade of AIDS,” says Dr. Marcus Greatheart, a resident physician based in Vancouver, Canada. “Recent medical advancements, like Treatment As Prevention (TasP) and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), are significantly shifting the landscape of population health regarding HIV transmission. While science has shown efficacy of these new treatments, it has just begun to explore a fundamental change in how many gay men are having sex today, ” says Greatheart.

“The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist investigates how gay guys are renegotiating the risk-benefit analysis of sexual encounters. Our goal is to both complement and challenge traditional, epidemiological gay men’s health research,” says Robert Birch, a doctoral researcher studying the Social Dimensions of Health in Victoria, Canada. “Presented through interviews, photos and paintings, poetry, a text message conversation, as well as more conventional social science research, the first edition of AGS offers an intimate look into this psychosocial evolution in gay men’s sex lives,” observed Birch.

Contributors include writers and artists from Europe, the US and Canada including performance artist and University of British Columbia associate professor Michael V. Smith whose memoir My Body is Yours (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2015) was a Globe and Mail Book to Watch For earlier this year. Also included are San Francisco poet Eric Sneathen and Toronto-based activist-writer Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco, among others. The breathtaking cover image “Zeitgiest” is by Portland, OR-based artist Pablo Cáceres.

The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist is the first of  a new series from Ethica Press called Annals of Gay Sexuality which proposes a new arts-based methodology for exploring contemporary issues in gay community health.

Coinciding with its release is the Call for Submissions to next year’s installment tentatively titled New Gay Ethics and Amories. With Birch and Greatheart again editing, the focus shifts to ethical issues in gay sexuality. These include negotiated open relationships, disclosure of health and relationship status, online and virtual interactions, and general guidelines on being an ethical, sexually-liberated homosexual. Full details are in Annals of Gay Sexuality 2015 and at Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2015.

ETHICA PRESS is an independent publisher exploring gender and sexuality with a particular focus on queer and sex-positive non-fiction.

For more information about Annals of Gay Sexuality 2015: The Contemporary HIV Zeitgeist, please visit or contact Keystone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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