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Happy New Year from!

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Pride, Events, Bob Leahy

Remember summer? Memories of Toronto Pride 2013 to get you through these cold winter days.

Happy New Year from!

We are in the  the cold dark days of winter, the December 2013 edition of which has been marked by particularly cruel weather. 

I live very much in the country, surrounded by forest and rolling hills and outside it has been a winter wonderland for weeks. But the prettiness is not without a price. Our driveway has been all but impassable and my car has needed towing out twice. Meanwhile much of Toronto, 100 miles to the west of here, has been without power for days, the result of ice storms which crippled much of the province. Most homes are reconnected now but some went without electricty  for up to ten days. Over Christmas no less.

It was against this background that our videographer, Guy McLoughlin who shoots all our videos, suggested we should post something bright, something happy, something cheerful over New Year. Why not post our previously unseen footage of last July's Pride Parade in Toronto, he suggested?

We agreed. If you have an hour over the coming days relive the glory days of summer - and look forward to the next -  with the video which follows.

From all of us here - John, Wayne, Brian, Guy and myself - here's wishing everybody who reads this all the best for 2014! Happy New Year! 

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