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Let’s take a look at how gay porn studios have changed their treatment of poz performers

Tuesday, 06 June 2017 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Social Media, Movies, Gay Men, Health, International , Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Media, Revolving Door, Guest Authors

What it means to be HIV-positive is changing and the porn world is not exempt. From Unicorn Booty, Daniel Villarreal reports.

Let’s take a look at how gay porn studios have changed their treatment of poz performers

To read the complete article by Daniel Villarreal, visit Unicorn Booty, here.

Gay porn star, sex worker and gay sexual health advocate Kayden Gray just came out as HIV-positive on YouTube. When gay porn stars Rod Daily and Mason Wyler came out as positive back 2013 and 2011 respectively, their announcements effectively ended their porn careers. So we asked Harlan Yaffe, the editor-in-chief of the gay porn news and video site The Sword (NSFW) and Zachary Sire, the editor-in-chief of the gay porn gossip site (NSFW), whether Gray’s career will take the same path.

In his video, Gray says that he contracted HIV after working for nine months in the porn industry. However, he did not contract the virus by performing in porn. “I went to a party and had unprotected sex with multiple guys, and it was fun, and then I was sick,” Gray said. He has been HIV-positive for the last three and a half years and is currently on anti-retroviral medications and undetectable, that is, the amount of HIV in his blood is so low that it cannot be detected by an HIV test. When one is undetectable it’s virtually impossible to transmit the virus.

In his video, it sounds as if Gray has no intention of stopping his porn work. In fact, NakedSword Originals recently released a scene featuring him and fellow porn performer Ryan Rose. It’s entitled “Kiss & Tel Aviv,” and Gray uses a condom in it. In the past, openly HIV-positive porn performers had to pursue their careers outside of mainstream studios, in smaller condomless porn studios or Treasure Island Media where HIV often gets fetishized in “raw” scenes with “poz loads.”

Sire points out that when Wyler came out about his HIV-status in 2011, he had initially been outed by another blogger and then subsequently fired by his studio. “If that happened today, the way people are and the way social media is,” Sire says, “that studio would be dead in the water.” Both Yaffe and Sire say that Gray isn’t the only openly poz performer in the mainstream.

“Another out HIV-positive performer is Rex Cameron (NSFW). He has a new scene coming out today on Hot House [studios] with Austin Wolf, so he’s continuing to work,” Yaffe says. Another popular poz star is Boomer Banks who shoots scenes for CockyBoys. Also, Sire points out, when Lucas Entertainment porn performer James Castle came out, he also released an educational video talking about his status for the London-based gay men’s health charity, GMFA (NSFW). “An HIV-positive performer’s status must be disclosed to his scene partners before they work together,” Yaffe says. “It’s a studio’s responsibility to ensure the disclosure is made while it is the performer’s responsibility to do the actual disclosure.” 

To read the complete article by Daniel Villarreal, visit Unicorn Booty, here.

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