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DJ Relentless


All hell broke loose

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 Written by // DJ Relentless Categories // DJ Relentless, African, Caribbean and Black, Current Affairs, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , Dj Relentless

The events of last week in Ferguson Missouri have stirred our writers’ emotions. Here’s what DJ Relentless had to say following the verdict and subsequent unrest

All hell broke loose

All hell has broken out over the United States tonight! And social media is driving a lot of anger as well. We went through this with the Trayvon Martin verdict. And the sad thing is that we will be having this argument again in a few months as the numbers of deaths of people of color come in from future protests and racial profiling shootings. And it's not just black folks who are the victims. There are many cops who are being charged with racial profiling and murder.

But I guess what is most disheartening is seeing folks that I have on my facebook friends list posting a lot of Anti-American memes and statements making jokes out of the pain and suffering of Black People in the States and making judgements about a group of people that you really don't know. I was very tempted to send a message to one that read: "'re going a little heavy on the America bashing posts these days."

I am just as upset about the state of things in my home country too, but generalizing about people and places you really don't know is no different than Americans who think Canadians live in igloos and say "a-boot".

If you're going by what you read and find online...don't. Many sites are set up to point out extremes. The major divide that is happening in the US has to do with The Right Wing being still upset over Obama being elected. They are not going to let it go until he is out of office. They have made it their mission to discredit and destroy anything that Obama supports.

What is even sadder is that the poor uninformed Right Wingers (basically white and racist) don't realize that they are mere pawns in this propaganda as well. The "not-middle-class" family living in the midwest in a trailer park think that they voted against Obama in the last election when they really voted against themselves. The Republicans are going to benefit from that last election....not you.

It is the Republicans securing their interests for the future. And trust me....the "Average Joe" (white, black or whatever color) is not included. The bad habits that the rich acquired during the Reagan and Bush years have spoiled the Republicans. That character in "The Wolf Of Wall Street" is real! They don't care about you and I. All they want to see is how much money they are going to make.

Racial bias in the United States is at an all time high. And as a person of colour I can tell you it is real. I'm a fairly educated and a politically aware person and I still get discriminated against and racially profiled. After many witnesses and in some cases (video of police attacks) verdicts like this really damage what's left of race relations. Like the Rodney King and O.J. verdicts.....what little compassion and understanding that is on the table gets trampled. This cuts deeper every time a situation like this happens and I'm afraid that an all out race war is lurking under the surface. The extremes want it bad. The Republicans and FOX want it bad. It will keep everyone busy while the corporations continue to buy up the power and votes in the US. So, you see....this is bigger than some teenager getting shot. And our words shape and form what is to come.

Another thing to consider is the Bill Cosby allegations. Social media is driving his demise in public opinion. Being a person who was sexually abused I believe he has a serious problem. The time period that his fame came was about the same time as Sammy Davis Jr. And we all remember that his fame in the Brat Pack (Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin) took a major hit when he married Swedish actress, Mary Britt. Even John F. Kennedy shunned him and would not allow him to perform at his inauguration because of it.

Bill Cosby was considered a hero in White America. For African-Americans who lived in low income housing and nowhere near the middle class, his TV character during the late 80s and early 90s was unrelatable. That family did not represent the reality of Black America and many felt Cosby was a new version of "Uncle Tom". And the reason I bring this up is that the fall of a major Black Man is the United States puts him back in his place. The Republicans have not been able to put Obama back in his place. He's the president....what can they do but be big babies and say "we're not gonna play with you"?

And although many people of colour would like Obama to come out and say the truth about his treatment in The White House, it is not going to happen. Or at least it won't happen until he is well out of office. Often when I watch Obama speaking, his pauses are very evident of self editing. It looks like he is fighting the urge to say "Ya'll have no idea what these muthafuckas are doing to me." Of course, that is total conjecture on my part, but I feel for the man. He has to walk a very difficult line as the first Black President. His words and actions are all historic and he knows it. So, he chooses them very carefully.

But don't get me wrong....I'm not saying that all these police shootings are unjust. I'm sure not all of the people of colour who are stopped and frisked are saints. In the case of Eric Garner, apparently he had sold illegal cigarettes. Did he deserve to die of a choke hold? Absolutely not! Were there reasons to stop him? Yes. Like in the case of 12 year old Tamir Rice who was shot and killed for reaching for an undistinguishable airgun when confronted by the police. A very sad story, but what in the hell was this kid thinking reaching for any type of gun while being confronted by the police?

It's been said many times before, but somehow when times are hard, jobs are scarce and things are not going in your favor it is hard to remember that prejudice is taught. Social media has done wonders for sharing information, but unfortunately it has also helped in spreading hate, lies and misinformation.

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