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Durban Diary – Day six

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Community Events, International AIDS Conference , African, Caribbean and Black, Health, International , Treatment, Bob Leahy

Behind the eight-ball. Our editor Bob Leahy is in Durban, South Africa this week, filing daily reports from the International AIDS Conference. Day six finds him so busy all he had time to send us was pictures. He promises more tomorrow.

Durban Diary – Day six

What an amazing day, so full of inspiring moments, photo ops, wonderful quotes, local colour and passions shared.  Will tell you about them sooner or later but they say a picture says a thousand words – or something - so here are about 10,000 words. 

I will say  briefly that today was about touring the Global Village (and I have lots of pics and video of that), going on the massive Treatment March through the streets of downtown Durban) lots from that too), a reception for the Canadian delegation with Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott and giving her a hug and telling her about the work we do at (OK that was a biggie so you get a picture of that . . ) 

 . . the huge opening session/ceremony where Charlize Theron was a presenter (she was fabulous but you will have to wait for that until tomorrow). And . . well that’s enough for one day. 

So what you get today are photos of the thousands-strong March for Treatment Access for all. It’s a cause worth marching for when globally, only 15 million people living with HIV are on treatment, leaving another 20 million out in the cold. And before we get all smug and think it’s the Africans who are being left out – well some, but not all. South Africa itself leads Canada in treatment coverage, as do many other African nations, by a huge margin. Simply put, and as I have reported many times before, we in Canada are under performing. I’ll talk more about that issue later and what it means for our own ability to attain 90-90-90 by 2020 and the end of the epidemic by 2030. But for now, here are the pictures. 

Canadians who work in the HIV community may recognize some familiar faces in the crowd.

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