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  • Tom Hanks in Philadelphia Changed my Life
  • Fuck poz guys!
  • Canadian AIDS Society’s AGM and PHA Forum in Ottawa: some scholarships for HIVers available
  • Semen goes viral – or does it?
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  • The painful reality of neuropathy

    The painful reality of neuropathy

    Dave R. Despite the increase in neuropathy cases, there is a parallel decrease in understanding what nerve damage actually entails. This article tries to explain what it’s really like to suffer from this strange and unpredictable disease.
  • Can prayer cure HIV?

    Can prayer cure HIV?

    James from BeyondPositive says “There have been so many countless people hurt, both physically and mentally, by the belief that prayer can heal".
  • Detecting change: A landmark in HIV prevention

    Detecting change: A landmark in HIV prevention

    Blogger/activist Tyler Curry with the lowdown about what undetectable viral load means: “A new HIV study (PARTNER) with stunning results should have the LGBT community cheering, but some are stuck on finger pointing”

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