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  • Tom Hanks in Philadelphia Changed my Life
  • Canadian AIDS Society’s AGM and PHA Forum in Ottawa: some scholarships for HIVers available
  • Semen goes viral – or does it?
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  • PrEP pops up on cruising sites

    PrEP pops up on cruising sites

    Marc-André LeBlanc says that PrEP is a hot topic in HIV prevention circles. There is more and more discussion about it in gay media, on social networks, and even in mass media. But is it even on the radar of the average gay man?
  • Open relationships? It’s a no from me

    Open relationships? It’s a no from me

    From FS Magazine, the case for monogamy “But at the end of the day, what works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for others.”
  • Top Ten for September

    Top Ten for September

    Bob Leahy reviews the posts that got the most attention last month and notes that half of the most popular are on the hot topic today, what it means to be living with an undetectable viral load

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