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  • Going on vacation

    Going on vacation

    The simple act of saying that he’s going on vacation in the US raises multiple issues for Editor Bob Leahy, from guilt to politics to religion. (When did life get this complicated?) But he’s going anyway.
  • Video: Mark S. King aboard the 2016 HIV cruise retreat

    Video: Mark S. King aboard the 2016 HIV cruise retreat

    "I support anything that builds important community among people with HIV, and that includes vacations that have real value beyond the perks and the destinations," says Mark
  • Addicted at work - an insider speaks

    Addicted at work - an insider speaks

    Bob Leahy talks in-depth to Eric Cashmore, a person living with HIV who works at a northern Ontario AIDS Service Organization about Eric’s ongoing struggle with his addictions, and about the help he receives from the workplace to deal with them

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