By the numbers:’s ten most popular posts of all time

published: March, 28, 2018 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Social Media, Activism, Gay Men, Current Affairs, Living with HIV, Media, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy looks at what caught readers’ eyes most in the nine years since first launched. What was our number one most read article by far? Read on!

By the numbers:’s ten most popular posts of all time

If an archaeologist at some distant point in the future wanted to explore what living with HIV (remember HIV?) was like in the first decade or two of the 21st century, they could do a lot worse than visit today’s top ten list. Like our lives, it runs the gamut – from sex to science and everything in between. It was arguably the most varied site about HIV out there. It set out, very deliberately, to explore the infinite variety within our poz lives which were never ALL about HIV but about l

A post-script and an exclamation point!

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Jeff Potts: "...borrowing words from Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

A post-script and an exclamation point!

I thought that that my last piece for would fly off the fingers. It didn’t. I stared at my keyboard more than I clicked at its keys, and with each passing minute I worried that I would fail to meet my final submission deadline. I sincerely hope that ain’t the case. Like many folks, I am certain, I read the words, “ will cease publishing on March 31” at least a few times before their immediate meaning truly stuck in this mushy brain of mine. At first, I

Moving in new directions

published: February, 26, 2018 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Social Media, Activism, Gay Men, Current Affairs, Media, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Exclusive: the Ontario AIDS Network and its ED Paul Lapierre are parting ways. Bob Leahy asks the OAN “what happened?”

Moving in new directions

The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) board announced February 22 that Paul Lapierre is no longer the Executive Director of the OAN as “it is now time to move in a new direction”. The announcement followed a period of intense criticism from OAN member organizations, social media and the poz community in particular. Some of that criticism, which reported on here, involved omission of U=U messaging from the OAN’s World AIDS Day campaign in favour of more generic messaging. It

Every day is National Coming Out Day

published: October, 23, 2012 Categories // Activism, Opinion Pieces

Christopher Banks “According to Wikipedia, National Coming Out Day recognises that coming out is a “cultural rite of passage” for GLBT people. But it’s more than that – it’s actually part of our daily routine.”

  It wasn’t the first time I’d had the whole class laughing at me, or that a teacher had been involved.  I can’t even remember the context of the conversation, but it must have been something to do with distraction because the form master had asked what would happen if Elle MacPherson came in and sat atop a table at the front of the room in her underwear. I’d said I wouldn’t be particularly interested, and that caused howls of derision, not least of which from the teacher himsel

Elaborating on my story of living with HIV

published: October, 19, 2012 Categories // Activism, Living with HIV

John Henry Rombough-Davie with an edited version of a speech he recently gave at the Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity - Federation of Students at Laurier University.

Good afternoon everyone:   I’m here today representing both myself and our local AIDS Service Organization, ACCKWA (AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area). I’m proud to announce that this month marks the 25th anniversary for ACCKWA.  Just a few months ago I received both my Ontario Service Award for my 15 years of volunteering, as well as, the Education Award from ACCKWA.  They’ve provided me with ways to gain courage, and not to feel ashamed of myself when I de


published: October, 24, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Living with HIV

Guesting Joe Lethbridge says “I am not an "advocate" nor a "mentor" Though some say I tend to come off as an "HIV Missionary" I just have passion about things I believe in.”


Statistics from January 2011 show that in Canada 0.30% of the population between 15- 49 is infected with the HIV virus. That is aabout 1 in every 300 people in that demographic.  In Botswana the rate for the same demographic is 30%. That is a staggering 30 in every 100 people. One thing is the same in both. STIGMA Maybe that is why we sometimes think "it won't affect me, that it's OVER THERE, not HERE." To be honest, before starting to write this I was not entirely sure where Botswana was.

Ducks will take over the world!

published: November, 05, 2012 Categories // Activism, Opinion Pieces

Caught young. Christopher Banks with the strange case of the girl, the ducks, and insanity.

Don’t be fooled. Inside that tiny head is a brain built for conquest.  No, I haven’t gone off my meds. The title of today’s post refers to the astonishing letter to the editor reproduced below, which I promise you is genuine (published in the October 3 edition of the Northern Outlook in Canterbury, New Zealand).  I strongly encourage you to read before we continue today.  Go on.  I’ll wait.   I thought my religious education was shitty, but clearly there are options with worse

Forging Ahead to Different Journeys

published: January, 28, 2013 Categories // Activism, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

Devan Nambiar has been writing for since day one. But it’s time for him to move on, he says. Here is his final post in which he charts a new path

Hello readers. In 2013 I have made a decision to move on to other writing assignments as I am forging ahead to chart a different paradigm and journey for myself. I was offered a spot to write for the blog at  After much mental processing I have accepted the offer to write for them. Secondly I have also set up my own personal blog. The title is called: Follow Your Bliss and it’s here. I’ve been with since its conception in 2008-2009. Throu

Fear of stigma perpetuates stigma.

published: March, 15, 2018 Written by // Kimutai Kemboi, Categories // African, Caribbean and Black, Social Media, Activism, Kimutai Kemboi, Youth, Mental Health, Health, International , Opinion Pieces

From Kenya, Kimutai Kemboi on self stigma and the healthy benefits of disclosure

Fear of stigma perpetuates stigma.

As people living with HIV, we go through a series of challenges, one after the other. Testing positive is a big issue and as we try to cope with the situation another life threatening issue arises; stigma. Stigma sounds like a simple word but it is intense enough to take someone's life. It is an 'opportunistic infection' on its own that can only heal on bold people or those people who can take the bull by its own horns. The weak souls will find it hard to fight. As we know, stigma comes in t

Shifting landscapes, changing realities

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Rob Olver on a labour of love: "Thank you It's been a stellar ride and the lessons learned will go to good use."

Shifting landscapes, changing realities

"All your so-hard facts, painted thinly on the void; Why were you not more pleasantly employed?" -- "Puppet Song", The Incredible String Band,. At this point, the news about has been out for a few days and as you might imagine, it’s been a bit of an emotional time here at the palatial PositiveLite Editing Suite. For a long time I’ve had various ideas about how I might want to write my final blog post here, but now that the time has come, I find myself not wanting to

Thinking about retirement? I am.

published: March, 15, 2018 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Activism, Social Media, Aging, Gay Men, Health, Living with HIV, Media, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy has been diagnosed with HIV for 25 years and actively involved in HIV work for all of that time. Aging, though, brings constraints and thoughts of when to get off the merry-go-round. Is this the time?

Thinking about retirement? I am.

I think it was reaching 70 that did it. My energy seemed to be less and my eyesight and hearing both weren’t what they were. I needed shorter days, less stress. More than ever I was aware of my potential to make a difference, but also of my limitations. And I started to think how much longer I could do this work? My work, like many of yours, is a mixture of excitement and drudgery. The excitement comes from things like attending conferences, travelling the world and being part of changing t

Happy holidays from all of us at!

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Rob Olver: "Our best wishes and thanks go out to you all."

Happy holidays from all of us at!

The holidays are nearly here! I love this time of year, but like a lot of people, I often de-emphasize the “Christmasy” side of it when speaking because I don't want to inadvertently alienate anyone. Still, this time of year is undeniably special, at least in this part of the world. The lights, the cold and the smell of evergreen – I love it. The ritual tit-for-tat of usual daily abuse doesn’t stop but it does slow down and even seems to pause and for a little while people really do s

The Living and the Dead: Part 2

published: March, 06, 2013 Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Health, International , Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Hospitalized Senior writer Ed Wolf remembers what it was like in the AIDS wards all those years ago.

I can see the sky through the narrow window; it’s morning. I’m half asleep when the nurse comes into the room. I watch her go to the board that hangs on the wall in front of me. She erases the name ‘Rose’ and writes ‘Leah.’ She’s young and friendly and very energetic. She says, “Good morning,” takes my blood pressure, asks me if I’m hungry, says breakfast is on its way and that my doctor will be here soon. She asks, on a scale from 1 to 10, what my pain level is. My knee is

Irrelevant voices

published: April, 10, 2013 Written by // Michael Yoder Categories // Activism, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Michael Yoder

Have we lost our political momentum? Michael Yoder and the sad state of dissent in the HIV community. “We’re more comfortable posting our rants on Facebook than we at rattling cages” he says

Irrelevant voices

“All animals are equal: but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell, Animal Farm  At the end of March I attended the Positive Gathering in Vancouver. This event is hosted by Positive Living BC and brings together people living with HIV from across the province. I was struck by the diversity of the more than 100 people in attendance: men, women, straight, gay, young and old; all sharing and discussing the things that are important in our lives as poz folk.  I wonder abo

Duty calls

published: June, 25, 2014 Categories // Activism, Opinion Pieces

David Phillips on learning the importance of finding a political voice

Duty calls

Starting at age three, a couple of times a year on a school day, I was offered a tough choice by my grandparents: wake up at 5:30am and be ready to leave home by 6:45, or sort out homework, afternoon play, and dinner to have 6:15 to 7:00 pm free.  No matter the weather or how I felt physically, I was going to the polls on Election Day with one of them -- and they voted right across the street from home -- to learn appreciation for the privilege of voting and the importance of exercising my ri

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