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Top Ten posts from 2014

Monday, 19 January 2015 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Living with HIV, Media, Bob Leahy

Editor Bob Leahy lists your top ten favourite posts from last year and finds barebacking - sex without condoms when you are undetectable - was the topic of the year that interested readers most.

Top Ten posts from 2014

These are the articles that were most read in 2014, based on number of hits received, A mix of the (mostly) new and old there is also a mix here of the serious and the not so serious. Why not catch up on any you missed because there are some real gems here.

Marc-André LeBlanc contributed our number one post, a leader in the now common argument that still has to percolate the pages of any sexual health site I know, namely that having sex with undetectable poz guys is a hell of a lot safer than with “negative” guys. This theme was repeated in Dave R’s number nine position post “I’m Positive, I’m on treatment, I’m undetectable, so get off my case”. In fact four of our top ten posts related in some way to bareback sex, which with PARTNER interim results representing a potential game-changer for people with undetectable viral load, is arguably THE poz news topic of the year. 

Here is the complete list. 

1.Fuck poz guys! 

Marc-André LeBlanc asks if you’re a neg guy is it safer to have sex with poz guys or neg guys? Limit your condomless sex to poz guys with undetectable viral loads and avoid condomless sex with casual negative partners he suggests. 

2. - the interview 

Editor Bob Leahy chats about the business with the owner of the world’s largest online hookup site for gay men who prefer not to usecondoms, 

3. Dead porn stars society: HIV heroes of the arts: (6)  

Dave R: Underestimated social workers or salacious sexual deviants? Gay porn stars are subject to huge pressures to stay on top of their game. What happens when their looks fade, or worse, they fall foul of HIV? 

4. HIV: a straight man’s perspective 

Straight poz guy Joshua Middleton and the place of the heterosexual community in the North American HIV epidemic 

5. Funny Prevention Messages from Europe, Part One – Sex is No Accident 

From 2011, looking at a funny and innovative HIV prevention campaign from Germany. But how effective is it? 

6. HIV pop music icons: (5) Holly Johnson: relax, he did it 

Dave R: Holly Johnson from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, is alive and well and still performing, writing and painting but it could easily have been a different story after he struggled to succeed after he contracted HIV. 

7. The chaser’s tale – part two 

Bob Leahy in part two of a frank conversation with recently diagnosed Joseph Sinnott who deliberately exposed himself to HIV in search of the erotic and a sense of belonging. Here Joseph discusses the aftermath of the act which made him positive. 

8. Sex = fun? Explicit pro-pleasure videos bring "sexy back" to HIV awareness 

From 2013 and comes a conversation with Elicia Gonzales, executive director of GALAEI and Co-Founder of PleasureRush! 

9. I’m Positive, I’m on treatment, I’m undetectable, so get off my case 

Dave R asks “Anyone fancy a fuck? Whaddya mean you wouldn’t touch me with a barge poll! Why? Because I’m HIV+? I’m a safer risk than you are pal. Go ahead, prove me wrong! 

10. Bisexuality on the Big Bang Theory 

From 2012, Megan DePutter says “One of my favourite shows on TV these days is the Big Bang Theory, and only partly because of my connection to the physics world.”