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Just call it what it is: Trump colluded – and is colluding –with a hostile foreign power: Russia.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 Written by // Michael Bouldin Categories // Social Media, Activism, Current Affairs, International , Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Michael Bouldin

Michael Bouldin in NYC: "Donald Trump is in some form we don’t know yet a Russian asset."

Just call it what it is: Trump colluded – and is colluding –with a hostile foreign power: Russia.

This is really a basic case of Occam’s Razor: why exactly is every single top administration or Trump campaign member lying about contacts to Russia before and after the election? Most likely because they have something to hide, and what might that be?

Why did the now-Attorney General of the United States give false and misleading statements under oath pertaining to his interactions with Russian officials? What credible explanation is there for that?

Jeff Sessions is a former Senator and a practicing attorney, he knows the importance of precise and unambiguous language, and likewise when to use language that is the opposite thereof, why did he choose the latter?

Why did Donald Trump, over the past weekend, hate-tweet four times in rapid succession a claim, unsubstantiated then or since, that President Barack Obama committed felonies, only to follow them up within an hour by a disparaging tweet about former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger? How do these two events cohere logically?

On a related but separate note, how credible is information or “proof” he claims to have of what would be the biggest scandal since Watergate when Trump turns his attention just a bit later to a staffing matter of a TV show?

What is this proof, and given his plenary power as president over U.S. intelligence output, why did he not simply release it at least in redacted form? 

These are questions that need to be answered, and I believe they will be. But what do they point to?

I believe the answer is really quite simple: Donald Trump is in some form we don’t know yet a Russian asset. He and his campaign were aware of and contributed – probably with targeting – to the Russian undercover operation. The campaign was kept abreast of the actions, progress, and output of the clandestine operation against Hillary Clinton and Democrats more broadly. The campaign also very likely suggested targets

All this was done, again in my opinion, to shroud the involvement of Trump and his company with the Russian government and the extensive, corrupt oligarch complex in that country that sustains the Putin government. 

What could that involvement be? Certainly, we know that Russian money flowed into the Trump organization, purchasing Trump properties in New York, Florida and elsewhere. Much of this money likely fell under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

My guess would be that Trump’s company isn’t viable without these funds. 

That alone would be sufficient to give Vladimir Putin sway over this White House. What else there is, we do not know yet, but my guess would be there’s much more. 

This article by Michael Bouldin previously appeared at Daily KOS, here.