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The Chair

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Living with HIV, Revolving Door, Guest Authors

Thoughtful poetry from Ontario guest writer Gregory Scratch and a metaphor for life. ”You walk away and wonder still how long I will be here; I’m just waiting for the call, the train is getting near”

The Chair

I watch you as you walk on by and try not to meet my gaze 

You wonder as you move along about my younger days 

You pity me as I sit here locked behind a wall 

Made of memories from my past, my greatness and my fall 

You ask yourself “Why is he here still taking up some space?” 

You need to know that some day soon you will be in my place 

What you see with your young eyes is just some packaging 

That holds a gift forgotten here, but so worth scavenging 

I’ve built a life with blood and sweat and hands so weary now 

A path I made on earth’s soft skin, most times just not sure how 

I loved a wife and brought forth life and raised a family 

I laughed and cried and prayed to God to keep my sanity 

You walk away and wonder still how long I will be here 

I’m just waiting for the call, the train is getting near 

This lifetime here you cannot see holds truths that you could know 

With keys in hand, you turn your head and leave me even so 

One day soon I will stand strong and leave upon that train

You’ll walk on by that empty chair and ask yet once again 

‘Why is this empty chair still here? What good is it to be? 

The chair will wait until the day that you turn into me. 

Then I’ll walk by and one more time we’ll fulfill our roles 

We’ll play the game of life until we see each others souls. 

About the writer: I am a gay man, diagnosed with HIV in August of 1987. In 1995, I was on life support due to AIDS complications, but am still here! I have been involved as an activist and AIDS Service Orgnazation member on boards of directors, both locally and provincially. 

I started writing a long time ago, off and on, and now write poetry and song lyrics. Living in a small south western Ontario community, what else is there to do? ;-) 


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