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Bob Leahy - Editor


I was diagnosed with HIV in 1993, much to my surprise, while working for one of the major Canadian banks, which made disclosure at the time all the more complicated.   (I’ve made up for it since.) Starting in 1994, I’ve held volunteer positions throughout the HIV community. I’m a past chair of PARN (Peterborough AIDS Resource Network) where I still maintain links. I’ve also been an executive board member of both the OHTN (Ontario HIV Treatment Network) and CAS (Canadian AIDS Society).  Along the way, I’ve been on more committees than you can shake a stick at.  Perhaps the highlight of my volunteer career, though, was being  inducted to the  honour roll of the OAN (Ontario AIDS Network) for service to the community.

Along with Brian Finch, I was a blogger/spokesperson for Ontario’s campaign in 2009-2010.  But I’ve blogged about HIV since2003 prolifically, first on Live Journal and more recently on where my column has appeared since the site’s inception.

I lived my early life in the UK.  I moved to Toronto in 1971 where I lived until 1995 before moving to the country. I now live outside a little village that nobody has heard of called Warkworth, Ontario (pop. 700) with my partner of thirty-one years and three beloved dogs.