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The Queer Muslim Conundrum

published: July, 02, 2015 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Pride, Women, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Guest writer Nadha Hassen with views on Pride by someone with multiple Identities

The Queer Muslim Conundrum

"Year after year, I have heard people in my family and community condemn "gayness" and everything that is not heteronormative."  This post is a personal one and as a result, I anticipate backlash from some readers - whether explicit or not. For people who know me, I anticipate that it may change the way some of you think of me. So I pre-empt all this by saying that this post does not change me as the person you know thus far. It only provides further insight into who I am. I can ask you to

I hope HIV dies

published: June, 23, 2015 Categories // Women, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Poppy Morgan is negative, her husband is positive. Of his virus and its replication, Poppy says “It makes me angry that this is what happened inside my husband's body just about 20 years ago, and what would continue to happen if he was off his meds.”

I hope HIV dies

Take a look at this image. Click this link fpr a better look.  You may remember a few blog posts ago, I said that I wanted to see one of my husband's HIV infected cells. I talked to a doctor about it; he told me that it would be difficult to see, but even if I could see it, I would probably not see HIV in his cells since his viral load is undetectable. He said something to the effect of "His cells would probably look similar to yours." But I still wanted to see HIV. So, I came across this i

Sex in the City - Part Six

published: March, 25, 2015 Categories // Women, Research, Health, Sexual Health, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

Olivia Kijewski in the final part of her review of the challenges that sex workers face in small city Ontario (Guelph) with a look at solutions and new program ideas

The past five entries have primarily been about barriers to accessing local services for sex workers in Guelph. In some ways, that can feel really daunting and depressing. But luckily, our respondents were also full of great ideas about how to improve programs and services, as well as new program ideas. The following is taken directly from the report. Access to condoms & other safer sex or harm reduction supplies Not surprisingly, improved access to safer sex and harm reduction supplies

Time to heal

published: November, 05, 2014 Categories // Activism, As Prevention , Women, Health, Treatment, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Poppy Morgan recalls the difficult 14-year journey that finally led her to PrEP - and her first child with her HIV-positive husband

Time to heal

Flashback to August 14, 2012 where I'm in the bathroom looking at a positive pregnancy test, and surprised by the first emotions that are welling up inside of me. Not joy. Not elation.  Not excitement. But BITTERNESS. SADNESS. REGRET. A sense of deep regret that it took 14 years to end up where the journey first started...with the idea of taking a pill to reduce risk associated with exposure to HIV. I felt (and still feel) that the medical community failed us. And said failure was caused to

Midlife virus

published: October, 02, 2014 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Aging, Newly Diagnosed, Revolving Door, Living with HIV, Guest Authors, Population Specific

This article from POZ magazine is about those diagnosed in later life and says “Older people newly diagnosed with HIV can stay resilient.”

Midlife virus

This article by Tim Murphy of which the following is an excerpt first appeared in POZ magazine here.    Nancy Asha Molock did the right thing. When Molock—a striking, bright-smiled 63-year-old retired Philadelphia schoolteacher—started dating again in 2000 after divorce ended a 17-year marriage that produced two kids, she’d heard the reports that sexually active midlife folks were susceptible to HIV and should wear condoms with partners of unknown status. So when she started dating a

The pleasure of sex

published: July, 23, 2014 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // International AIDS Conference , Conferences, Gay Men, Women, Health, International , Sexual Health, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

The reports from the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne: “ When Science Meets HIV Prevention, Pleasure Cannot Be Left Behind."

The pleasure of sex

This article by Mathew Rodriguez from first appeared here.  In a nearly packed auditorium at the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), a group of panelists led by author and activist Sean Strub addressed the changing HIV prevention landscape -- a landscape that now includes condoms, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), serosorting and seropositioning, and that will likely include microbicides and other interventions in the near future. 

The art of sex(ting)

published: April, 09, 2014 Categories // Women, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

OIivia Kijewski says sexting can be problematic but can also serve to help promote sexual communication and increase sexual knowledge.

There has been something on my mind a lot lately. Sure, I have been loosely following the progress on missing flight MH370, the growing tensions between Russia & the West, even the somewhat recent Ebola outbreak. But what’s really been on my mind, as I am sure it has been on a lot of yours’, is…yup, you guessed it, sexting.  Sexting (in case you are wondering) according to Merriam Webster is, “the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone”, although some def

HIV non-disclosure and sexual assault - What does consent mean?

published: April, 05, 2014 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Community Events, Events, Legal, Revolving Door, Living with HIV, Guest Authors, Opinion Pieces

From the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network comes news of a provocative panel discussion on the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure as sexual assault on April 24 in Toronto

HIV non-disclosure and sexual assault - What does consent mean?

Angry feminists

published: February, 17, 2014 Categories // Activism, Women, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Olivia Kijewski says “lately I have to ask myself - how is it possible to be a feminist and not be angry?”

As a grad student, I had the pleasure of being a teacher’s assistant. While I really did love the experience, there was nothing in my adult life that has made me feel so old. The gap between an 18 year-old shiny new university student and a 29 year-old jaded grad student with a giant debt and giant chip on her shoulder is astonishing.  One moment that made this gap particularly apparent was our discussion on feminism- or rather, my discussion on feminism. When I asked the class to raise th

Attention deficit

published: January, 22, 2014 Categories // Women, Health, Living with HIV, Population Specific

Forgetfulness, getting old, dementia even? Denise Becker says in her case it was attention deficit disorder and she’s on meds for it.

There’s one statement that almost everyone will say in their lifetime: “I can’t find my keys!” Friends consoled me - they lost things too... and we laughed, maybe a little uncomfortably, that it was dementia associated with HIV.  Maybe we had “Attention Deficit” or we were just getting old, hah! Perhaps you’re like me - you drift off when you should be concentrating?  I’ve started a load of washing and then moved on to do other things, only to find the laundry sitting wet an

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