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Dumbing down treatment decisions, part two

published: March, 01, 2016 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // As Prevention , Mental Health, Health, Treatment, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Bob Leahy say there are wrong decisions made - both regarding treatment and prevention - all the time. But how do we help our most vulnerable who face barriers to good decision-making avoid them?

Dumbing down treatment decisions, part two

Sometimes we hear “there are no bad answers, no bad decisions”. It’s a warm and fuzzy concept that fits with the non-judgmental services we as a community provide. Trouble is it's wrong. Undeniably bad decisions are being made all the time.  (You likely made one last time you ate.) On the treatment front, for example, Charlie Sheen made a bad decision. And then there is this from an earnest HIVer on Facebook “When to start treatment? It's best to wait until there is a patch, a spray

HIV prevention research: what’s next

published: March, 14, 2013 Categories // Gay Men, Conferences, Health, Sexual Health, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Roy Kilpatrick with a conference report that provides a useful guide for action, including scaling up – and mending holes - in treatment as prevention efforts.

Report of the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) of a presentation by Susan Buchbinder .  Reports of the HIV ‘cure’ of a baby in the USA have attracted global attention. My guess is that although this provides further support for the concept of cure, and will add momentum to research, it will make no immediate difference to mothers and their babies. Once more information emerges from the conference, I might return to this topic. Reading other conference

A road test for HIV prevention science

published: March, 11, 2013 Categories // Health, Research, International , Sexual Health, Opinion Pieces

The Atlanta CROI 2013 conference has produced big news. Roy Kilpatrck has followed this conference from his laptop in the comfort of my Edinburgh living room. Here he summarizes the latest in HIV prevention that came out of the conference,

The Conference on Retroviruses & Opportunistic Infections (CROI) focusses mainly on biological sciences. What can we learn about prevention?  Nothing is more likely to whip the media into a frenzy over HIV than the word ‘cure’. Over these past few days, reports from a conference in Atlanta of the ‘cure’ of a baby from HIV fuelled numerous media headlines. Since the initial reports, it has become obvious why the ‘cure’ was qualified by the ambiguous ‘functional’, and why i

Darren’s story

published: March, 27, 2012 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Activism, Youth, Health, Sexual Health, Revolving Door, Guest Authors, Population Specific

In the third of three stories by graduates of Vancouver’s Totally Outright program, Darren Ho writes about how the program motivated him to start Our City of Colours, a project that promotes the visibility of LGBTQ people in ethnic communities.

Darren’s story

Growing up with a Chinese-Canadian background, I’ve often been frustrated by the fact that there have been very few materials and resources about gay life produced in a way that my Chinese-literate parents can understand. Yes, there are some fantastic and brilliant gay-themed movies and literature produced in Hong Kong for the Chinese audience, but how often do these hit the international scene for the Chinese audience in the West? Not that I doubt the pirating ability of any computer user i

Canadian AIDS Society : call for participants

published: October, 25, 2011 Categories // Revolving Door

Advisory Committee Members Needed for a Curriculum Support Project Targeted to Canadian High Schools

Canadian AIDS Society : call for participants

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is looking for individuals and organizations to sit on an advisory committee for a new HIV prevention technologies curriculum project. New HIV prevention technologies include microbicides, vaccines, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), medical male circumcision, and treatment as prevention. As this is an amendment to an already existing project, this is a six month commitment, with the project end date scheduled for March 31, 2012. A

PEPed and PrEPed for Pride? (part 1) le français suit

published: July, 11, 2011 Written by // CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource Categories // Pride, Community Events, Health, Sexual Health, CATIE - HIV and Hep C Info Resource

Taking anti-HIV drugs to prevent HIV infection comes with serious cautions/ Sérieuses mises en garde quant à la prise de médicaments antirétroviraux pour prévenir l’infection au VIH

PEPed and PrEPed for Pride? (part 1) le français suit

Image credit: (c) 2008, Neal Jennings With Pride season officially blooming in all its rainbowy glory, we here at CATIE want to cover an issue that may not catch your eye like the body glitter on the bare shoulders of sweaty parade marchers. It is an issue that can very well come up during the festivities: how to manage the risks of HIV transmission during sex. There are many ways to reduce risk of transmission and people use the ones they know and feel comfortable with. Condoms are the o

Stand-out in the Sun

published: April, 18, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Features and Interviews, Bob Leahy - Publisher

An interview with a remarkable man. His name is Paul Gallegos, he’s an HIV activist and you can find him, when he’s not public speaking, out on the streets in the hot California sun promoting HIV testing to motorists and passers-by.

Stand-out in the Sun

I first came across the work of Paul Gallegos through Twitter. (He’s @pauly1999) Paul uses social media voraciously in support of his advocacy for people living with HIV and the need for testing of those who aren’t. One Twitter trail led to another, which in turn led me to find a story about Paul  in a Palm Springs journal. The bare bones of his story are this. In 1999, Paul already had years of heavy drinking and drug use behind him. In preparation for a construction job, he’d deci

Unasked Questions

published: March, 25, 2011 Categories // Health

Megan dePutter talks about what her doctor should be asking but isn’t.

A few weeks ago I had a physical with my GP, and naturally the question of sexual activity arose. Whenever the question of sex comes up in the doctor’s office, the usual protocol is for the doctor to ask if you are taking birth control pills, and if you’re not, they will offer to prescribe them. It never fails; this is the go-to response when doctors hear “yes” to the question, “are you sexually active?” What is never, ever asked, are any of the following questions: Do you know you

Holiday Fairies & Poz Prevention

This latest rant comes to you from the new tundra which is now known as London Ontario. As I write this latest edition for the Poz Prevention....

Seasons greetings to one and all: This latest rant comes to you from the new tundra which is now known as London Ontario.  As I write this latest edition for the Poz Prevention perspective of I am watching it yet snow again and wonder if tomorrow will be another glorious “snow day” from the office. Brian had sent me a gentle reminder the other day that my next post was due; and in the whirlwind of activities in the last month with AIDS Awareness Week and World AIDS day the