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Let's get physical!

published: March, 05, 2013 Categories // Fitness and Exercise, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

Nate Casco says people living with HIV can improve their health by doing a few simple things - for instance managing levels of stress, regular exercise or physical activity and of course getting enough sleep.

Did you know people living with HIV who exercise two to three times a week are less likely to develop complications and increase CD4 blood counts (a good thing) than those who do no exercise at all? It doesn’t mean you need to become a gym junkie, or compete in triathlons or extreme sports. It could be as simple as getting off the couch and doing something physical, or not eating that bag of potato crisps (or chips if you are North American). Getting enough exercise may seem difficult at

Nothing Can Stop Me

published: April, 30, 2012 Written by // Daniel Uy Categories // Yoga, Fitness and Exercise, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Daniel Uy

Daniel on Daniel: Strength Is More Than Physical Measurement

Nothing Can Stop Me

This article first appeared on the blog Socially Fit. Meet Daniel Uy. A yogi by trade and fun-loving guy by nature. Very funny and honest. There is one thing that makes him stand out (other than his awesome personality), and that is the fact that he is HIV+. He has been living with the virus for fifteen years. Through yoga, fitness, and overall well-being he has reclaimed his life and here he is sharing his story. I wasn’t an adult very long before HIV.  I was never the modicum of vital

2011: When being called a freak is a compliment

published: January, 10, 2011 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Opinion Pieces, Brian Finch

It wasn’t that long ago someone said to me, “And I just thought you were weird.”

There has been many a time when I think, “God people just don’t get me…”    It wasn’t that long ago someone said to me “And I just thought you were weird.” Over time I’ve learned to embrace these kinds of descriptions. Being a freak is actually “in”, with Lady Gaga as the newly-minted spokesperson for the freaks, the outsiders, and pretty much anyone who feels disenfranchised. My guess is that there are a lot of people who feel they are always on the outside