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Republishing "Fuck poz guys!" Has the message sunk in yet? We think not.

published: June, 16, 2016 Categories // Dating, Activism, Gay Men, Health, Sexual Health, Lifestyle, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , Sex and Sexuality

Marc-André LeBlanc asks if you’re a neg guy is it safer to have sex with poz guys or neg guys? Limit your condomless sex to poz guys with undetectable viral loads and avoid condomless sex with casual negative partners he suggests.

Republishing Editor's note: This article, now over three years old, has been read by more people in's six-year history than any other. When Marc-André LeBlanc wrote it, the view expressed - that undetectable poz guys were a much safer bet than neg guys realized - was groundbreaking. It's since become mainstream - and yet not. Anybody who is undetectable who has been rejected by a "neg" guy seeking a "safe" partner knows it. Many neg guys still think that going with anot

Out west: the way the epidemic looks in Manitoba

published: April, 26, 2011 Categories // Guest Authors, Opinion Pieces

HIV infection rates are falling globally, but that's not the case in Manitoba or across Canada, says the Winnipeg Free press

Out west: the way the epidemic looks in Manitoba

Here's what the Winnipeg Fress Press reported earlier this month . The number of new cases in Manitoba rose to 102 in 2010, compared with 99 in 2009, according to the 2010 Manitoba HIV Program report released late Thursday. In 2007, there were 66 new cases of HIV in the province. Local health officials are troubled by the rising trend in Manitoba. It comes as the United Nations reported last month that new infection rates worldwide are falling. "It's still something to be concerned about.

Funny Prevention Messages from Europe, Part One – Sex is No Accident

published: April, 09, 2011 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Opinion Pieces, Bob Leahy - Publisher

Looking at a funny and innovative HIV prevention campaign from Germany. But how effective is it?

Funny Prevention Messages from Europe, Part One – Sex is No Accident

Some ligh/lite fare today, but light fare that’s designed to make us think. Sex is No Accident – Always Use a Condom is a clever and funny prevention campaign coming from MTV Germany. I haven’t seen much criticism of this campaign. People seem to like it, judging by the Facebook thumbs-ups wherever it’s been featured on-line. And I must admit my initial reaction was good, because – well, it’s fresh and it’s funny, and that counts a lot. But how effective will it be? There are two