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Smoking and HIV

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A UK perspective on smoking and HIV and why, if you smoke, you should probably think about quitting, from GMFA

Smoking and HIV

We all know that smoking is dangerous, and that stopping smoking can improve your health and reduce the risk of smoking-related illnesses whether you’re HIV positive or not. However, smoking can be even more damaging to your health if you have HIV [1].  Smoking has not been shown to make HIV progress any faster than in non-smokers; however, HIV positive smokers are at a higher risk of smoking related illnesses than HIV negative smokers, and smoking has been shown to increase the risk of HI


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Rob Newman in a brutally honest piece about the love he has for his work, his addiction – smoking – and the role both play in his life.

I am a self confessed workaholic; I love my job and everything and everyone about it. Recently a policy regarding not working while you’re sick circulated through the office and I must confess that I took it personally. I am usually not the type of person to see, hear, or read about something and right away think it has anything to directly do with me; but in this case I was convinced that this policy came about because of me. When I am at work, I work. When I am at home, I work. In writing