When you see them, run!!!

Published 18, Aug, 2017
Author // Kimutai Kemboi,

From Kenya, Kimutai Kemboi writes about the "sponsor" phenomenon and how it feeds into the spread of HIV there..

When you see them, run!!!

'Daniel' as she used to call me, 'you are so young and unfit to be working at such a tender age. You seem to have a potential of doing something better and in this connection, what is that good thing that a person can do for that will change your life forever? '

I had one unchangeable dream and that was to go back to school. That is something I always wished for but no one asked. Her question drew a lot of thoughts in my mind but in the long run, I settled on one decision; that was to open up my heart. 

Despite the many thoughts that went around my mind, I didn't waste much time trying to think since I had only one solid choice; going back to school. I can't remember how I did but realized once it was done. 

'I have been observing you since you came to work for me, you are handsome and trustworthy and that is why I even allocated you a room in my main house unlike the others who are spending their nights at the servant quarters . Don't worry about it, I will make your desires come true. '

Her words sounded sweet but little did I know she was laying bait for me. I felt happy and vowed to always try my best never to let her down. To me, she seemed a guardian angel sent directly from heaven. 

'But Daniel before I fulfil your desires, do me a favor; I want you to spent a night with me. I won't harm and I swear am gonna do all you ask, take you to the best boarding school and get you all you need. '

Due to anxiety and great ambitions, I gave in to her demands since I could not let the chance go. What she 'gave' me lives up-to date, it is a mark on my life. Instead of benefiting from all her sweet promises,I got HIV. 

It was painful, very painful but I'm thankful to be alive today, healthy and strong. What was meant to kill me got suppressed and now I'm lively and moving on. I still have ambitions and dreams to achieve. HIV will never disrupt my dreams. 

I know you may not see it as I see but I am sharing this from a life experience and the pain I went through. Get it from me, these sponsors and sponsorees are up to no good but to ruin our lives. They provide, yes, but what they will leave for you will haunt you for life.

They will not be there when you are suffering. You will suffer alone! 

I know many will curse me for saying this because they are beneficiaries but that is the naked truth. Be careful and be contented with what we otherwise lust will wipe our generation.

NB: Someone offering to assist you without demand for sex could be genuine. It's wise to separate the two!

Opinions expressed here are those of the author.


About the Author

Kimutai Kemboi,

Kimutai Kemboi,

"I am Kimutai Kemboi, turning 26 on 9th of April 2017. Currently I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science at Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. 

"I’m HIV positive and under medication but doing well health wise since I have accepted to live positively, adhere to medication and practice a healthy lifestyle so that HIV does not overwhelm me. Besides my studies, I work as a volunteer to create HIV awareness and sensitivity in the community, both face to face and through social media platforms, especially Facebook.

"I opted to do this awareness-raising because I want to have an HIV-free society and save my generation from perishing."