LHIVE Healthy is looking for study participants

Published 09, Aug, 2016
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The LHIVE Healthy study is currently looking for 750 adults living with HIV across Canada to participate in the study.

LHIVE Healthy is looking for study participants

People living with HIV are living longer – but are also disproportionately affected by diabetes, heart disease and smoking-related illness. These ailments are not only a result of HIV, but rather are usually the result of lifestyle choices and risks factors such as tobacco use, low physical activity and poor diet. “One of the real challenges today for people living with HIV is to grow old in an healthy way,” said Dr. Jose Côté, principal investigator of the LHIVE Healthy study. It is important to develop innovative initiatives to help people adopt healthier lifestyles.

LHIVE Healthy is an online Canadian research project that aims to evaluate if web-based tailored interventions can be effective in helping PLHIV make healthy choices like quitting smoking, exercising more and eating better. Choices like these help to diminish the risk of developing diseases and improve both quality of life and health.

Participants in the study will complete three 10-minute online questionnaires over six months and will be asked to take part in a web-based intervention that will coach them on making healthy choices in an area of their choosing. Participants will receive quality information validated by experts on the chosen topic and will be accompanied to develop tricks that will help adopt a healthier lifestyle.

LHIVE Healthy is currently looking for 750 adults living with HIV across Canada to participate in the study. Participation in the study is confidential. In appreciation for their time, $20 Amazon.ca gift certificates of will be emailed to participants after the 2nd and 3rd questionnaire.

The LHIVE Healthy research team is composed of researchers and members of community organizations across Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The team is led by José Côté, Chairholder of the Research Chair in Innovative Nursing Practices. LHIVE Healthy was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN288).

For more information, please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To join the study and make healthier choices, visit www.lhivehealthy.ca

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