Zoe Saldana's stunning performance in Sia's HIV video will have you in tears

Published 09, Jun, 2017
Author // Rob Olver - Editor

Sia's new video, "Free Me" is an achingly beautiful tour de force.

Zoe Saldana's stunning performance in Sia's HIV video will have you in tears

Sia’s gorgeous new song, “Free Me”, and the even more gorgeous video that goes with it both aim to spread awareness for the #endHIV campaign and benefit the Abzyme Research Foundation (all proceeds of the song will be used to advance a new potential HIV/AIDS cure). 

The video, starring Zoe Saldana and narrated by Julianne Moore, details the story of an expectant mother who has just learned that she is HIV-positive and that without treatment the virus will enter her child. Zoe Saldana’s emotional performance calls on her years of dance training as the scene shifts from the doctor’s office to a dance sequence, wonderfully choreographed by Sia's longtime collaborator, Ryan Heffington

Saldana cries, dances and acts out the tale. It’s a story of stigma and isolation, of abandonment and fear and resilience and the need for love.

Not long ago I heard Laurel Sprague say that “HIV is asking us to be a human family that does things differently.” To me, this speaks the same truth and it’s a welcome message though you probably won’t be able to get through it with a dry face any more than I could.

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Rob Olver - Editor

Rob Olver - Editor

Robert W. Olver is a former education worker with an alternative life in experimental music. Currently retired and living in Peterborough, Ontario, he is a gentleman of leisure and the friend of all cats everywhere.

On October 14 2015 Robert  celebrated the first anniversary of his HIV diagnosis. Yes, that’s right. Celebrated.

“It was given to me just after my birthday and just a few days before I was to retire. I felt a bit overwhelmed initially but there’s nothing like a crisis to help you sort out what’s important to you. Let’s just say I found myself needing to revise some of my plans.

A year on, I find much to celebrate and I’ll be blogging to explain just what I mean by that and lots of other things as I navigate this journey".