Why aren’t we talking about PrEP to prevent HIV?

Published 30, Oct, 2013
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The public is largely unaware that there is a pill to prevent HIV. Why are so many people afraid to talk about it?

Why aren’t we talking about PrEP to prevent HIV?

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Did you know there is a once-a-day pill to prevent HIV?

In July 2012, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved Truvada, a popular HIV medication, for use as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Taken once daily by HIV-negative individuals, the pill has been shown to prevent HIV acquisition by more than 90 percent. (PositiveLite.com says: Truvada is not yet approved in Canada for this purpose – but ask your doctor. If you are neg you may be able to get it)

That’s the most exciting thing I’ve heard since Kim and Kanye’s engagement!


But some oppose implementation of PrEP as a widely used HIV prevention strategy.


Despite evidence to the contrary, many believe that PrEP will lead to a false sense of security and so-called risk compensation (engaging in riskier sexual behavior). 

They argue that condoms are the only effective way to prevent HIV.


But the truth is that after decades of promoting condoms as the only way to prevent HIV, infections are actually increasing among gay men, especially young black gay men.

To them, gay men cannot be trusted to make their own decisions about how best to protect their health.


But with 50,000 new HIV infections annually in the U.S., shouldn’t we use every weapon in our arsenal against HIV?  (PositiveLite.com says: yes!)


No one should be allowed to limit individuals’ choices when it comes to protecting themselves from HIV!


And if they have a problem with the decisions I make, well…

Because I will decide what’s right for me.


My health. My choice! HIV ends with me.


Learn more about PrEP at www.prepfacts.org!

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