Walking with Dab The AIDS Bear

Published 26, Nov, 2012

Danny Miller with a first-hand account, with photos, of what it was like taking part in the Washington D.C. AIDS Walk.

On October 27th 2012 thousands and thousands of people all gathered together in Memorial Plaza, Washington DC for the annual AIDS Walk DC which benefits Whitman-Walker Clinic, one of the best HIV treatment centers on the east coast. This blogger was there with four of my closest friends as well as my Dab the AIDS Bear Darby as “Team Special” (don’t ask, we had already had way too much coffee when we came up with the team name).

It was a beautiful fall day, perfect weather for so many amazing people to come together from all over the state and world, (there was one woman who came all the way from London to walk, and she was especially excited to meet Darby and have her photo taken). At 9:15 am we stepped off and walked 5k to support all those living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Washington DC Metro area!! We were greeted along the way by many supporters cheering us on and supplying bottled water to keep us hydrated. We met many fun and fabulous people along the way and made some new friendships that just add to the long list of amazing people living with and fighting this disease, and allies that are fighting right alongside us.  It’s really hard to put into words just how uniting and uplifting this event was so I’ll shut up now and let some of the pictures I took along the way tell the story.

As always be well and thank you for reading/looking at pictures! LOL  XXOO Danny