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“If more men were homosexual, there’d be no wars."

published: March, 25, 2013 Categories // Activism, Gay Men, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Dave R writes…As a respected voice of his generation, Morrissey claims that wars wouldn’t happen if more people were gay. Do you believe that we have the ‘peaceful’ gene in our makeup, or is this statement too idealistic for words?

“If more men were homosexual, there’d be no wars.

This title quote comes from a February, 2013 interview with Morrissey, by Amy Rose. For those of you who are asking ‘Morrissey? Who?’ he was the lead singer of The Smiths in the early 80’s before going solo in 1987. The group was massive and yet had a cult status and the same could be said for Morrissey himself. The personification of an anti-hero and the absolute antithesis of those we would call superstars today, Morrissey’s angst-ridden lyrics spoke to a whole generation of bedroom

Relentlessly speaking about 2012

published: December, 30, 2012 Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Current Affairs, Opinion Pieces

Toronto’s DJ Relentless aka Jade Elektra and his year in review

Relentlessly  speaking about 2012

You know….a man never forgets finding his first chest hair in his whiskey. Especially if it isn't his. And believe it or not, that's how I feel about 2012. While some great things happened during this year, there were quite a few moments I was extremely disappointed with. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am overjoyed that Obama was re-elected, but the process was despicable! Watching the U.S. show the real underbelly of racism and ignorance was just embarrassing. Seeing how divided the country