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Cult of Trump

Friday, 24 June 2016 Written by // Felix Garmendia Categories // Social Media, Activism, African, Caribbean and Black, Gay Men, Youth, Current Affairs, Newly Diagnosed, Women, International , Felix Garmendia, Opinion Pieces

Felix Garmendia addresses the angry bigot who would be president of the United States.

Cult of Trump

Mr. Trump

Your vicious, virulent, incessant campaign message to the American people is based on instilling fear, loathing and suspicion of just about anyone who isn’t rich, white, straight, and male. You have been guided by nothing but your insatiable, pathetic, egocentric needs. You have become an expert at consuming the fear and ignorance of some Americans, only to regurgitate your hateful sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted insulting rhetoric.

You do this with the pride of a coward who feeds on the fears, anger and hate of your supporters. You are using one of the most important pulpits in the world to spread divisiveness and false American values. The “values” of a group of angry people that can’t even see that they are voting for those who will protect the rich over the poor, the National Rifle Association over the murdered child, the right-wing religious agenda over the constitution.

Mr. Trump, you are an example of what’s wrong with America.

The fact that you are going to be a nominee for President of the United States says a lot about America’s state of mind. A flock of Americans are following the lead of a man that is only repeating incessantly what his angry masses want to hear. You like to fan the flames of your feared and prejudiced followers. You promote violence and belittle free speech.

You pretend to be Mr. Tough, when in reality, you are nothing but a thin-skinned insignificant angry bigot who loves to give it but can’t take it. You are also a liar, not knowing what you are talking about but nevertheless promoting it as fact. A liar with incredibly incoherent speech that only exudes hate. You are willing to say anything in order to “prove” your point, and when proved wrong, you never apologize. From your high horse, you simply tell the world to “take it” and your entitlement and ego grow even stronger.

You grow out of spreading fear to control the simple minded masses. Mr. Trump  - you are an expert at nothing BUT identifying and exploiting the deepest fears of an uneducated base. You feed on their fears of progress, you feed on their ignorance with your consistently toxic message.

Really, Mr. Trump? A wall?  Building a wall is the answer to everything that ails this nation? Inventing scapegoats is NOT leadership. Overall, Mr. Trump, you are a colossal fraud.

You sir, are the dark knight of America’s fears.


An American Citizen.