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New job

Friday, 08 November 2013 Written by // Guest Authors - Revolving Door Categories // Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Revolving Door, Guest Authors

Is changing job streams more challenging when you are HIV-positive? What about disclosure issues, benefits, time off for appointments? Guest blogger positivelymeandhiv is navigating those waters

New job

It’s been a while since I have blogged. But to be honest I have not really had anything to blog about until now.

So two weeks ago I started to look for a new job. I absolutely love the company I work for and my manager is amazing. The thing is I need more progression and want more money. (Don’t we all?) In my current company there’s not much room for progression for me at the moment and I have been asking for a pay rise for a year. I did a report why I deserved it  - but nothing happened.

I’m extremely anxious about leaving my company I’m in. I have had five amazing years there and my manager has not only supported me professionally but also on a personal level. She was the second person I told I had HIV. She was there for me whenever I needed her; she even went away to research it more so she can understand it better. She’s developed me into the manager I am now and we have an amazing working relationship.

So today I called her an told her I was handing my notice in and she was in stunned silence. She wanted to understand. She asked if it was just the money: I explained it was the lack of progression and that I feel stuck.

What was actually heart-warming is that she said she will be absolutely gutted to lose me from her team. She is going to come to see me next week and have a chat. Now I think she will try and change my mind for me but it has been made up.

I have been secure in a job for five years now and I’m just about to start all over again. I’m scared that I won’t have the security straight away; I will have to do my three month's probation but it is also having to disclose my status again. Because I don’t have a set day off I can’t arrange my appointments on a particular day so I will need the flexibility from work. However I don’t want to disclose my status until after I have passed my three month probation either.

It seems to be the end of an era for me and an exciting new challenge. I’m truly going to miss my colleagues and more importantly my manager.

This article previously appeared on the blog of psitivelymeandhiv here.