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25 years of service: strength, survival and devotion

published: December, 07, 2012 Categories // Community Events, Events

John Henry Rombough-Davie wanted to commemorate his agency’s 25th anniversary World AIDS Day Event with a special post with contributions from staff and volunteers whose heart and souls went in to making it a success.

Dec 02,  2012  - The AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Area  (ACCKWA) had a wonderful turnout last night at the Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo. It's a fabulous space which hosted not only our World AIDS Day Candleight Vigil, but also an Art Auction. The evening was one of elegant attire mixed with catering, live music as well as a display of the agency’s Quilt from 2003. We added to the beauty of this with a 2012 Quilt to mark not only 25 years of service, but also

What’s wrong with World AIDS Day

published: November, 29, 2012 Categories // Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces

Long-term survivor David Phillips is not a fan. Here’s why.

What’s wrong with World AIDS Day

I despise World AIDS Day (WAD).  What seemed like a fabulous idea to unify people 24 years ago when anti-HIV monotherapies had done little to slow the pace of death from HIV around the world has become to public health what Remembrance Day has come to be for many members of the armed forces and their families: an opportunity to divert resources to create a one-day feel-good production in the face of 364 days of indifference or open hostility from the larger community. To make matters worse,

Sharing my story - but not condoms - with the Catholic School Board

published: November, 18, 2012 Categories // Activism, Living with HIV

John Henry Rombough-Davie with a roundup of what he has been up to and what his agency has planned for World AIDS Day, December 1

I’m quite certain that everyone agrees that we live in a very sexual world, and no matter your beliefs or your grass roots, we’re all at risk of the unknowns.  This next week I will be doing two presentations in front of an audience of students where it’s been difficult to give out condoms, and it’s not the students or the teachers that are at fault.  I’m downright nervous as there is a part of me that is still shameful of my own past.  I’m not in denial when it comes to having