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Annual Canine Christmas Card

Thursday, 24 December 2015 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Living with HIV

It’s that time of year when editor Bob Leahy faces his biggest challenge – to get his three dogs to pose at least semi-artfully to wish you happy holidays and a simply great new year from all of us here on

Annual Canine Christmas Card

2015. For the nth year in a row we pulled it off. It was a good time full of ups and downs, good behaviour, bad behaviour, rewards and disappointments -and the occasional scoop.

No we are not talking about’s year in review but my annual attempt to capture our three pooches - Ruby, Dougall and Dudley in something resembling a festive mood. 

And “resembling” is right. Those three dogs may be looking straight towards the camera  and with their red scarves and such may look cheerful but the looks on their faces tell it all. Not very festive. Pooches don’t like going through this. In fact they would turn their back on the seasonal photo op altogether is it wasn't for the promise of treats at the end. And if you know or have dogs, you know that treats rule their food-focused  little worlds. 

We all have our own motivators for doing the right thing, no? 

People always ask “how do you get them to pose like this” as if it’s some miracle of ingenuity or “you must have a really good camera” as if an iPhone couldn’t possibly be responsible. “How do you get them to stay still?” is another one.  I usually answer “crazy glue” but in truth it’s patience and a lot of wasted images. Dozens and dozens of wasted images, in fact, which you never see, only the one good one.

Point is keep trying and trying some more and you get results. Something like living with HIV in fact. 

But really this is all about sharing. Sharing pictures, sharing dreams, sharing hope, sharing stories, That’s what drives us here at Thank you for sharing yours with us too. 

From all of us here at including our magnificent, award-winning team of writers, our management team of myself, my wise man John McCullagh and the amazing Wayne Bristow – and from Ruby, Dougall and Dudley too - happy holidays and a GREAT new year. 

See you in 2016!