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The science-based U=U message is everywhere - but some aren’t biting.

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Bob Leahy: Are organizations passing up on the chance to end HIV stigma and inform people living with HIV who are durably undetectable that they can’t transmit the virus? What people are saying

The science-based U=U message is everywhere - but some aren’t biting.

The images accompanying this article are from campaigns around the world informing people living with HIV that if their viral load is durably suppressed, they can not transmit the virus to others. There were no Canadian images used because no such campaigns exist in Canada.  It’s getting heated People living with HIV have never played a greater part in designing and implementing prevention messaging. In just a few months, the U = U message from the Prevention Access Campaign, arguably the

Two minutes of advice on testing HIV-positive

published: October, 08, 2013 Written by // Mark S. King - My Fabulous Disease Categories // Social Media, Gay Men, Youth, Newly Diagnosed, Sexual Health, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific , Mark S. King

Mark S. King on his video contribution to the "You've Got This" campaign for those newly diagnosed wth HIV

Two minutes of advice on testing HIV-positive

This is a clever social media campaign: Healthline, an online health community, has asked people who have been living with HIV to create videos for those who have recently tested positive, known as “You’ve Got This.” Think of it as “It Gets Better” for those with HIV. Of course, I had to create a video in my own peculiar way — something that demonstrates the sense of humor that has served me well over the course of 30 years living with HIV. Maybe my video will help someone you kno

Josh Robbins lends a hand

published: September, 12, 2013 Written by // Bob Leahy - Publisher Categories // Social Media, Activism, Newly Diagnosed, Living with HIV, Bob Leahy - Publisher friend Josh Robbins from is lending his name to a campaign to help those newly diagnosed with HIV. You can too. Find out how here.

Josh Robbins  lends a hand

Josh Robbins is perhaps best known for getting the moment he received his HIV-positive test results on video and subsequently posting that on YouTube.  But he’s since become an engaging poz activist with a particular interest in helping those in a similar place to he was less than two years ago. His own site  is well worth a visit. He has also made appearances on from time to time – see the related articles at the foot of this post  - and we are always