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Twenty questions for Preston

Monday, 03 August 2015 Written by // Bob Leahy - Editor Categories // Gay Men, Youth, Newly Diagnosed, Features and Interviews, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Bob Leahy

You wanted to know more about Preston Leon, the inspiring aboriginal young man we interviewed from rural British Columbia whom we featured in the article “Seroconverting at 15”. So we asked him twenty questions about himself

Twenty questions for Preston

How old are you? 

I’m 17 now.

Where were you born?

Kamloops, British Columbia

Are you shy or confident?

I’m pretty confident.

What languages do you speak?

I speak a little Italian, a little Carrier and I’m picking up French and German. (Editor’s note: The Carrier language is a Northern Athabaskan language. It is named after the Dakelh people, a First Nations people of the Central Interior of British Columbia.)

What month and year were you diagnosed with HIV?

Jun e of 2014.

You were diagnosed last year. Remember what time and day of the week that was?

A Thursday at roughly 9 something in the morning

What did you say when they told you?

There was a really long pause. I said  ”I have no clue . . . ” I said “what am I supposed to do” and I put my hands on my forehead and I didn’t say anything. I was just overwhelmed.

Lessons you’ve learned about yourself since then?

I learned to be not so attached to the people, to the guy that gave it to me, or I would have never have gotten it.

Worst thing about being HIV-positive?

Taking the medications. That really sucks.

Best thing about being HIV positive?

The networking and knowing how involved I am . Also I’ve started living a lot healthier than I was living and developed an interest in health and maintaining it. I think I would probably have become obese if I hadn’t got it. I go for two eight-kilometer runs a day.

How many people have you personally told?

About 18

First time you ever had sex – when and where?

That was beside a lake here on the south side, last year, June 8th.

Who did you want to be when you were a kid?

I really admired wrestlers from the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment)

What do you want to be when you are older?

I would like to be a funeral director. It’s like a calling for me.

Last meal you had?

Pork chops with pineapple sauce, and a bit of spaghetti, a slice of huckleberry pie with whipped cream and to drink, a huckleberry juice with water.

Favourite kind of music?

Any kind of modern music form industrial metal to pop

Favourite band?

Rammstein (German industrial/metal band)

Favourite song?

Relax by Blake McGrath (video below)

Favourite TV show?

Ice Road truckers. It’s a reality show.

Favourite movie?

The Bucket List. Lsat one I saw was Ted 2.